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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 21, 2007

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Military Warns Personnel Don’t Go to Mexico while Senate Pushes Open Borders

While President Bush and US Senators continue to fiddle with their open borders amnesty policy, also known as the ”Immigration Reform” bill, the US military is warning its personnel and civilian employees not to enter Mexican border towns. Chillingly, this warning also includes US towns located along our southern border. Towns on the Mexican side of the border, and perhaps those on the US side as well, are increasingly being controlled by Mexican drug lords and their cartels. These same drug lords have placed death-bounties on both our US border patrol agents and US military personnel. Unconscionably, our leftist mainstream media is neither reporting this nor the facts that open warfare is occurring, on a daily basis, along large portions of the US-Mexico border. Mexican illegals are, on a regular basis, burning down portions of the ecologically-sensitive Coronado National Forest to create diversions; so that drug dealers and other illegals can cross unfettered into the United States. Where is the outrage from the supposed environmentalists? It’s nonexistent. Are the arsonists accepted because they’re assumed to be from the politically-correct race—no matter what they do? Apparently so.

Note: Despite the arson and increasing warfare at our southern border, our politicians are still working to bypass the American people and pass their Illegal Alien Amnesty bill. What are they thinking—or better yet, smoking?

With the exception of our elite political and business leaders, the Senate Amnesty Bill will—ultimately—help no one. As illegal-turned-legal workers enter the US, in even greater numbers, wages for US citizens will be driven down, members of the US middle class will become fewer and fewer and a new and permanent lower-class structure will have been firmly established upon our shores. Can the Patron-peon scenario be far behind?

After our Congress and President have imbued the current illegals in our country with legal status, said illegals-now-legal will demand somewhat higher wages. Business will then need even more impoverished workers to fill the lower-lower class worker pool. So, illegal entry will continue—aided and abetted by our politicians. It is a never ending cycle of the intentional planned destruction of the United States of America—by those who are sworn to protect it—for the promises of power and larger bank accounts; or additional holdings in the Caymans. Power and money corrupt and there are always those in line begging to be corrupted. We now hear them on and in the media virtually every day. The current Amnesty Bill also calls for the construction of 370 miles of border fence. HUH??? The Secure Fence Act of 2006, which was passed and funded by Congress, already provides for the building of 700 miles of security fencing along our southern border! Congress is—yet again—ignoring a law that is currently in place in order to attempt to pass a more feckless one. The Senate is simply trying to force their Amnesty Bill upon the American people by trying to convince them that without it there will be no security fence built.

Note: I know Americans are said to have short memories but, holy smokes! The ink hasn’t been dry for even a year on the original 2006 security fence bill! Do our Senators think we’ve already forgotten it? The bottom line is that neither the President of the United States nor any amnesty-supporting senator has any intention—whatsoever—of building any border fence or providing any security for US citizens at the US-Mexico border. Instead, they are brazenly telling we-the-people that they will not uphold their Constitutional duties and will go against said Constitution by working against the will of the American people. Can we say rule by autocracy? You bet we can.

However, there is an alternative to the deceitful Senate Amnesty bill that is being developed in the US House of Representatives. The King-Smith bill, co-written and sponsored by House Reps Peter King (R-NY) and Lamar Smith (R-TX), seems to actually provide a viable and sensible approach to the illegal immigration problem. King advises that the bill approaches the illegal immigration issue from a “security first” perspective. It also does not denigrate the intelligence of the American people, as does the Senate’s Amnesty-for-illegals Bill, by watering down and attempting to cloud the already on the books border security act. I encourage you to take a look at Rep. King’s NRO article. There are also at least twenty loopholes in the Senate Amnesty Bill that support illegals and punish legal citizens and those attempting to gain legal US status. This is, yet, more insanity from the “minds” and hands of our lawmakers.

The only way that we-the-people have any opportunity of assisting the USA to survive—and therefore our way of life—is to fight the tyrannical elements currently in place in our federal government. These exist in both of our political parties. Continue to call, write, email—whatever it takes—your senators and Congressional representatives. Tell them to “just say NO to Amnesty!” But, due to promises made and secret back-door deals, the Amnesty Bill may pass. Our voices must now be very loud or we may very well lose our republic—and our country. It is just that serious.

While the US military warns us not to enter Mexico—it’s just too dangerous nowadays—the Open Borders US Senate and our president are refusing to protect our borders. Does this make any sense at all?




Sen. Sessions 20 Loopholes to Immigration Bill: http://sessions.senate.gov/pressapp/record.cfm?id=275456

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