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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  July 11, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Democrats’ Fear of Iraq Surge Success Grows

On Monday, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) told reporters that he and other Democrats were not willing to wait for evaluated reports on the troop surge in Iraq. Reid advised that he and his colleagues are moving at virtual breakneck speed to formulate and pass an anti-war bill. While al-Qaeda continues to practice all manner of depravities and perversions—the latest reported corruption being the terrorist organization’s penchant for the profane via literally (not figuratively) baking the children of those it wishes to intimidate and then “serving” said cooked progeny to their parents—most of their debaucheries still go unreported by the terrorist-enabling leftist worldwide press. Most certainly Harry Reid and other Democrat and RINO leaders committed to surrender won’t mention the actual performance and true scope of the Islamists’ goals. Instead, Reid and other appeasers are unwilling to wait for any and all reports from those actually functioning in the Iraq battle theatre. As reports from the front suggest the surge (AKA Operation Arrowhead Ripper) actually is working, the leftist and overwhelmingly Democrat US mainstream media continues their attempts to bury the story.

Note: This same battle surge, being waged by our extraordinary and inordinately courageous US soldiers, must be spun and manipulated by the mainstream media and their Democrat leaders in order for them to achieve their objective of reseizing and then retaining (forever we assume) power. The illusion of power has long been their god.

Because Senator Reid and other Democrats are now the official water carriers for MoveOn.org and other leftist money groups, traditional pro-American Democrats have long since been forced out of leadership positions—if not the Democrat Party. Displaying his submission to anything-for-a-buck-and-a-big-piece-of-the-power-pie, Reid and other Democrat Party members talk daily with MoveOn.org and the Las Vegas Sun reports: “Every morning at 10:30, staff from the Democratic leadership offices is on the line with representatives of nearly a dozen groups, including powerful moveon.org, that make up the Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.” One suspects that this is when the Democrats receive their daily marching orders. To emphasize his alliance with the far-Left, Reid has now even taken to demeaning US military leaders who disagree with his constant bogus statement “the [Iraq] war is lost.” Recently, Reid referred to Gen. Peter Pace as “incompetent” and said that Pace “had not done a very good job... I told him that to his face!” Wow! How “brave” of a senator to verbally slap a General in his face. This is the same senator who has the mainstream press in his pocket, so that his unethical land escapades are seldom—if ever—reported.

Of interest, on Wednesday’s Bill Bennett Morning in America Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-OK) spoke of his recent trip to Iraq. Inhofe commented on the troop surge in Iraq’s success. As the mainstream media and their Democrat masters continue to tell us that the US surge isn’t working, Inhofe—who actually visits Iraq—tells a different story. In May, Sen. Inhofe said: “The Iraqis have now taken over; they have the numbers and the capacity and they've taken over the battle space in Fallujah. In other words, they're providing their own security. It's a success story in Fallujah, one of the most difficult areas to deal with.” Hmmm. After reading “reports” from the NY Times and other far-Left publications, I‘d thought the Iraqis weren’t stepping up to the plate at all. Didn’t you?

Sen. Inhofe went on to say: “The troop surge has given us the troop numbers to push al Qaeda out of most of the area in the Anbar province and allowed governance to hold onto their own destiny. This is a major change. This is my seventh time in this area, and the Sunni tribes now see the need to work together with us against al Qaeda.” Then, on Bill Bennett’s radio program, Inhofe advised that due to the success of the surge, there have been “no anti-American messages since April” preached in Iraqi mosques. This is a very different story than that which our press and Democrat senators are telling us. And it is another example of liberal and leftist leaders—from both US political parties—lying to the public in order to gain funding from anti-war/anti-American groups and credence with news sources. Corruption is, apparently, a most seductive mistress.

The Democrat Party is telling we-the-people that it will continue to force the US out of Iraq and, presumably, the Middle East as a whole. It is also telling al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations: “We’ve got your back, guys, and if we can seize all three branches of government—we’ll give you Iraq and you’ll be home free!” That is precisely what is intended and what will occur if this country is forced into a total leftist mindset. And force is what leftists—and Islamist terrorists—require to complete their missions. If the Iraq war is actually won by the West, US Democrats will have a much harder chance of winning elections—and winning elections (AKA power and money) are the only items left that seem to be of any import to Congressional electees. Reid and others already appear to have damned the USA and have begun stronger and stronger campaigns against our own military men and women. The Democrats’ fear is that if we don’t lose this war—they won’t be reelected. The term “sicko” should actually refer to the anti-USA contingent entrenched in Congress.

Again, I ask the question is this any way to run a country? Unfortunately, the answer is still the same: “No. But, it is a real way to end it.”









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