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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  July 30, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Congress Gone Wild: Wants All Three Branches of Government

The US Congress has apparently decided that one branch of government—the Legislative—is not enough for its ambitions. Acting in an increasingly irresponsible manner, its members have decided to not only usurp and control the Executive Branch but the Judicial as well. Following the lead of such legal community notables District Attorney Mike Nifong (who prosecuted three college students based upon manufactured and suppressed “evidence”) and Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald (who has recently made a career out of indicting individuals for non-crimes—and continues to get away with it), liberals and leftists from both sides of the Congressional political aisle persist in lambasting officials of President Bush’s Administration. Their crimes? Being part of President Bush’s administration.

The Congress’ latest attempt to bring down the Executive division of the US government is its ongoing and absurd effort to destroy US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Congress’ efforts to try Gonzales focus on the firing of a few US Attorneys by a Republican President Bush. Of note is the fact that Democrat President Clinton fired all 93 US Attorneys while he was in office. Suffice it to say, there was no Congressional outcry when these dismissals occurred. Why? Because appointed US Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States. Their appointments are political and they may be dismissed by any sitting president for political or other reasons—or for no reason at all. All US Attorneys are aware of this. But, as President Bush is a Republican president the Democrat-run Congress has made the decision that he may not follow the same rules and regulations as Democrat presidents are allowed. So, Congress—unwilling to actually pursue the business of the American people—has decided to press forward in making another crime out of existing law. US Code, Title 28, Part II, Chapter 35, § 541 clearly states: “Each United States attorney is subject to removal by the President.” There is no caveat to that statement. The president may remove them at will—for any or no reason. Still leftist Congressional Democrats and RINOs have pursued and are continuing to pursue the issuance of subpoenas directed against current and former Bush employees—in their attempts to create a crime out of a non-crime and pay no attention to existing law. Note: Considering many senators’ refusals to uphold existing immigration laws, this comes as no surprise to many of us.

In its enduring attempts to illegally overrule laws already on the books, Congressional Democrats are doggedly and decidedly continuing their efforts to both ignore and disband the law of the land; or only have the “positive” ones apply to Democrats and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only—or those who are in reality Democrats). Is this the caliber of individuals we-the-people decided to elect—those who blatantly and wantonly disobey the law? Note: These are the people who should be investigated and prosecuted.

Apparently not satisfied with Congressional attempts to usurp power from the Executive branch, liberal Senator Arlen Specter (RINO-PA) has also decided to attack the more constructionist Associate Justices on the US Supreme Court for recent decisions made by that body. The reason for this lunacy? The US Supreme Court recently reversed a couple of cases decided by a past SCOTUS liberal faction—which included two decisions on the busing of students away from their Louisville, KY and Seattle, WA home school districts. Specter has decided to investigate these decisions. One has to wonder if the Associate Justices will be dragged before some Senate committee to ‘splain themselves to the senators. Specter strongly appears to be claiming that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito lied to the Senate committee that approved their confirmations. Note: When conservative-turned-liberal justices (can anyone say Justice Souter and Justice O’Connor?) have reversed prior more conservative decisions the US Congress has remained silent.

These latest wild outrages affected by Congress—if we-the-people allow them to continue—seem designed and destined to elevate this Legislative Branch of government to the ruling body of the United States of America and place both the Judicial and Executive branches into subservient roles to Congress. Since the founding of the USA, the three branches of government have been co-equal. If our form of government is to survive, these insane Congressional activities must not be allowed to continue. It’s one thing to investigate illegal actions. But, it’s quite another—altogether—to use one’s color of authority in order to pursue investigations into legal behaviors and then imply there is something illegal about them. Isn’t it about time for the American people to reign in our rogue Senators and Congressional representatives? Isn’t it time to—once again—tell them they must follow the laws of the land or work with the people who brought ‘em to the dance to change said laws? We did it in a non-partisan way to stop the Illegal Alien Amnesty bill.

While we still have the vote, it looks like our elected officials are challenging we-the-people to a duel—once again. There was and is a strong and viable reason that we have three equal branches of government in this country. It looks like it’s again time to explain it to the members of the US House of Lords—AKA the US Senate.







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