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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  August 7, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Congress Selects Back Door Program for Illegals

Did the outcry from We-the-People, with regards to the proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants, have any lasting effect on Congress? Well, according to Congressional Democrats—apparently not. And they have found and selected new back-door ways to push their illegal legislations through—again bypassing the American people. Last Thursday, a House of Representatives’ healthcare bill—SCHIP—that includes illegal immigrants’ children (“children” who are inanely defined by Congressional Reps as up to 25 years of age!) was defeated 215-213. A narrow margin but, nonetheless, a defeat of yet another attempted pro-illegals bill. But—congressional Democrats didn’t like this vote. So, instead of accepting this decision, Democrat Congressional leaders kept the vote improperly in play until they had arm-twisted and coerced enough of their colleagues to secure the vote they wanted. And secure it they did. Unethical and unconscionable? You bet. Unexpected? Not from this Congress; a Congress that now sports only a 3% approval rating from the public.

But, this Congress has already shown by its actions against US citizen-voters that it does not care a whit for legal Americans. Its loyalties are now with the growing illegal population—a population that Congress encourages daily to cross our southern border. We taxpayers will continue to pay—ever more dearly—for all of the illegal crossings that the Democrat-run Congress supports; while our “leaders” find and/or legislate ways to avoid paying—themselves. Note: As individuals are elected to the US Senate and House of Representatives, these elected representatives appear to believe that they have been endowed with divine rights to rule over we-the-people and increasingly believe that we comprise the ‘unwashed-masses’. US Senators already believe they are gods and Congressional Reps aren’t far behind them.

Another problem with the SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) is that, along with tax-hikes-to-further-control American citizens, it will be largely funded from existing Social Security Funds; the same Social Security program that is already going bankrupt. Are senior citizens aware of this? Do they know that their Democrat leaders have already sold them down the river for the illegal alien vote? Has the liberal/leftist group AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) advised their members of this travesty? I checked AARP’s homepage and there was no mention of it—at all. It appears that like the Democrat-run media, AARP also refuses to report the truth about the political party it favors and promotes. The seniors—members of AARP’s advocacy group—are again left to fend and attempt to discover the facts for themselves; while AARP continues to collect their payments and donations. It’s a foregone conclusion that AARP will not provide anything that smacks of any negativity about their true masters—leftist Democrats.

So, We-the-People have eerily been returned to the days before the Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill was defeated. We American citizens shouted loudly that we didn’t want it. However, in true corruption-is-their-middle-name fashion, Congress has found yet another way to bypass us. The SCHIP is merely Congress’ latest attempt to discount and overrule the voices of US citizens, while they proceed to shove Socialism—which eventually turns into Communism—down our throats. Sounds a bit like Venezuelan Marxist Dictator Hugo Chavez—doesn’t it? And, speaking of Chavez, did you hear that he has called for and has said he will ‘assist Americans in fomenting a US revolution’. Heck, Hugo. With the US Congress already affecting said revolution—like you against its own people—your help really isn’t required. They already appear to have adopted your tyrannical ideologies.

But, there may indeed be a citizens’ counter-revolution coming just ‘down the road’. I’ve also heard that the same may be coming for Venezuela. At this juncture, one can only pray, hope—and then act. These are truly strange times, my friends.






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