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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  September 2, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Next Step Toward North American Union Put Firmly in Place

The next step toward the dissolution of the USA was officially put into place on Saturday. The beginning of the NAU (North American Union) has now been officially established. As many as 100 Mexican trucking companies may now deliver their cargo—whatever it may be—anywhere within the United States of America. The most liberal court in the nation—the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals—cleared the way for the Open Borders crowd, on Friday 31 August 2007; another day that will live in historical infamy. The leftist-leaning court disregarded concerns from both the Sierra Club and the Teamsters (is this court now fighting their own?) that US government oversight groups would not provide the checks necessary for public safety concerns. The liberal courts, anti-US swarms and Open Borders politicos should be smiling broadly today. They have won another bloodless coup-d’etat against the will of the American people.

Question: Do any of us still believe that the US government will fulfill its duty and use the 2006 allocated border fence funds to actually build the required barrier to drug dealers, terrorists and all other illegals? Thus far it has been all talk and little-to-no action.

The anti-US-sovereignty politicians and their minions have worked as quickly and clandestinely as possible to create the situation that would put the active no borders framework in place—in order to make any border fence unworkable. Don’t forget that all of these pesky sovereignty borders will slow down the one-world government politicians’ plans. And, with no national or other sovereignty issues to worry about, these political entities will no longer need to be concerned about any and all voters. As we are seeing with the NAU and SPP (“Security and Prosperity Partnership”), We-the-People have already been effectively bypassed. Our dissenting input to our “leaders” on these issues has been denied. Taking away or severely limiting our right to vote—without our input or consent—should be just as easy.

So, we now have potentially or actually dangerous Mexican trucks with which we must contend; equipment that in the past has been shown to be less than safe. These trucks will be allowed to go anywhere within the continental US. Our government says this is a safe pilot program. Uh-huh. And we already know how “safe” imports from China have become and how the US government is “protecting us” from them. Anyone want a piece of Chinese live-worm chocolate? With fewer and fewer individuals willing to protect our southern border—including elected politicians and US border patrol chiefs—We-the-People are being repeatedly placed in the position of having to fight our own government. Can the demise of our republic be far away? It doesn’t look like it.

The American people—liberals, conservatives and moderates—rose up to oppose the Senate-proposed Illegals’ Amnesty bill. Our opposition stopped it. However, our elected political lawmakers and law-enforcers had ‘Plan B’ up their sleeves—a plan that would entail only the interests of said politicians and one that renders the US electorate both pointless and unnecessary. Chillingly, Plan B seems to be working well.




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