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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  September 10, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

New Hollywood Films Attack Foot Soldiers

Joining Senator Schumer and other prominent Democrat leaders, the Hollywood Entertainment Complex (HEC) is in full attack mode against the US military. But, this time it is not only attacking military leaders. This time, the leftist industry it is going after the individual soldier. What the leftist media could not completely accomplish with their faked “Haditha Massacre” stories, Hollywood hopes to affect with a new crop of anti-American and, now, anti-soldier films. Brian De Palma’s new film ‘Redacted’ apparently hopes to resurrect images of the now discredited Haditha scenario with his own brand of vilify-the-troops fiction.

Note: Nowadays, we can all count on both the ‘Mainstream’ media and Hollywood filmmakers to provide all the fiction they’re able to produce. As the leftist media is not even required to produce news stories based upon facts, there is no longer any discernible difference between these two entities.

Said to be based upon the 2006 rape and murder of a 14-year old Iraqi girl and her family, De Palma’s new film is reported to paint by implication most—if not all—American soldiers as aberrant and corrupt. The actual incident was horrific and the perpetrators have each been convicted and sentenced to between 90-110 years in prison. But as gruesome and hideous as these acts were, they most certainly are not representative of the well over 100,000 honorable soldiers who currently serve in Iraq. However, De Palma (as well as the others who have planned releases of multiple anti-US movies) has stated his own agenda for the film. He said: “Pictures are what will stop the war!” And he and his anti-everything-American colleagues apparently plan to continue to produce and push their movies down the public’s throats until the American people and the world at large join them in their twisted thought patterns.

Hollywood has long been an advocate of debasing and biting the hands that feed it. While making vast fortunes off of the people in the United States of America, its members—studio heads and executives, actors, producers, directors etc—continue to vilify their benefactors. Since World War II, the HEC has been tirelessly working to destroy the values that made the country great. They consider those who actually pay to see their slap-you-in-your-face films to be rubes—to stupid to realize they are being led to their own slaughter. The HEC uses the system it has sworn to obliterate, in order to provide them with the material comforts and subsequent power that great wealth brings.

Note: Hollywood’s scorched Earth policy is to burn everyone’s land—except their own. Much like others who advocate Communism—the ultimate goal of the leftist mission—there are the haves and the have-nots. The leftist “power elite” (Democrat leaders, liberals in both US political parties, the HEC, media etc) have made the decision that only they will have money and power and the unwashed masses (AKA proletariat) will not.

For all those still unfamiliar with what leftism really teaches—this is it: “We in power get everything—the rest of you get nothing.” And quietly amongst themselves, they advise one another: “We’ll promise them everything but, give them nothing. If we just keep assuring them, we’ll never have to provide it. Besides, we can always blame our lack of supply on the other side!” This has been the philosophy of all great tyrants and despots throughout the history of humankind. First, however, a tearing down and reshaping-in-their-own-image of the current society is required. Hollywood has recently stepped up its demolition-of-the-USA game. But, in order to firmly place their policies into effect, traditional values, God, an effective military and way of life must first be eradicated. So, now the Hollywood elite are savagely going after our troops. Note: Both radical Islam and the Left have this in common.

Suffice it to say, there is currently only one way to show our disdain toward those who wish us ill—fight back. With Islam, it requires fighting for our lives. With the Hollywood Entertainment complex, it requires our not paying for their tripe—in order to fight for our souls.



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