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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  January 17, 2008

Topic category:  Other/General

Europe: Major Staging Area for Islamic Extremists

Europe, with its ongoing and uncontrolled colonization by Muslims and their attendant radical brothers and sisters into its midst, is now viewed as one of the world’s major training grounds for terrorists planning attacks against it and the USA. Europe’s area is large and its people are more consumed by and concerned with political correctness (PC) and allowing terrorists to express their own viewpoint (and ultimately their right to murder anyone who disagrees with them) than they are with their own survival. This also seems to be an increasing agenda and belief system within many in the United States.

US Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff said recently in a BBC interview: “One of the things we've become concerned about lately is the possibility of Europe becoming a platform for a threat against the United States.” He also said that there are no plans to begin screening passengers from Europe traveling to the US. Chertoff further said: “I see an Al-Qaeda that's evolving. I don't see any diminishment of the threat, and my concern is that we not relax and let the enemy get ahead of us.” But, despite the acknowledgement that Europe has become a terrorist staging area and tangible threat to the United States, Chertoff states: “We have the visa waiver program which allows most Europeans, who come to be tourists, to come [into the USA] without visas. That means the first time we encounter them is when they arrive in the United States and that creates a very small window of opportunity to check them out.” Hmmm. It would most strongly appear that a wise course of action just might be requiring—instead of waiving—visas from these aforementioned European tourists. But—per Mr. Chertoff—that’s not what’s happening and it appears that it won’t happen within the near future. Note: If protecting the USA from terrorists does not occur within the near future, there will be no medium or distant future for the country.

Questions: Isn’t this ongoing lack of additional screening causing more problems than the ostensible—and not to be confused with the truth—“good” PC policy that has become yet another (and only the latest) replacement for common sense? Are We-the-People expected to continue our silent submission toward being led like lambs to our slaughter? Of even more import, will we continue—as Europe appears to have done—to allow said slaughter to continue on our side of ‘the pond’?

Because of political correctness and the majority’s lack of any real desire to stop uncontrolled immigration of terrorists and their accompanying mass-murders into Europe, that continent has been overrun with violence from the fanatical perpetrators. Those who wish to bring a worldwide enforced-by-intimidation-and-death Islamic caliphate are beginning to gain the upper hand in European governments. As an example, the United Kingdom is now allowing Muslims Islamic Shari’a Law in place of the British courts. French prisons—as it is also in US prisons—have become a new recruiting tool for the Islamist Imams. Islamist bombings and genocide of the world’s people continue on a worldwide basis to intimidate non-Muslims into converting to Islam and to remind Muslims to comply with the demands of their ever-expanding extremist brethren—or else. Already, Islamic “honor” murders are occurring in the US. The latest are the murders of two Muslim teens in Dallas by their own father—a father who is said to have been “upset” that his daughters were becoming “westernized.” Imagine that! They were becoming westernized in a Western country. Simply amazing! However, this only illustrates the point that the real reason too many of those who adhere to Islam are immigrating to the USA and other Western countries is not to escape religious persecution. Instead, it is to establish religious persecution against all but, Muslims. It is to bring third-world forced Islamic culture and religion into the countries they are now overrunning and replace the cultures and religions of those countries with their own—under an increasing penalty of death to those who refuse to obey. And, too many of us are continuing to allow it.

Wake up America! Be warned and advised that if it doesn’t, we-the-American-people will be forced to sleep forever in the graves of our own creation.





Sher Zieve

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