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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  February 4, 2008

Topic category:  Other/General

US Presidential Race: Choose Your Liberal Poison

The 2008 US Presidential race for front-runner—both Democrat and Republican—is shaping up to be ‘all liberals all of the time’. On the Democrat side, we have Hillary Clinton whose only real claim to fame, experience and accomplishment—such as it was—is that of her husband’s coattails. Yes, Hillary is currently a US Senator. But, as such, ask yourselves: What has she achieved? However, Bill Clinton was POTUS, so naturally Hillary assumes that she should be too! She tells us that she watched her husband run the country (and hints to us that it was really her doing much of it) so she now knows how to do it. Mrs. Clinton also tells us that she will resuscitate and shove down the throats of the American people her Universal Health Care plan and steal profits from the ‘rich oil companies’ and redistribute their wealth to fund her own pet projects. As President of the United States (and with a Democrat-run Congress), presumably she will have the clout to do just that.

Note: With Hillary as POTUS, I doubt that the oil industry will be the only one to fall into Hillary’s new redistribution of monies for herself and her newly-formed proletariat.

Then we have Barack Obama—currently pulling away from Hillary’s lead in the Democrat nomination race—who not only believes in a Universal Health Plan and the Communist goals of redistribution of wealth but, wants to immediately bring our troops home from Iraq. At this juncture, of course, this directive and action would leave Iraq to Iran and the Islamic terrorist factions. Obama is the announced choice of the radical, powerful and wealthy left-wing organization MoveOn.org. Left-wing run unions—including the SEIU (Service Employee's International Union)—have also announced the switching of their support from Democrat John Edwards to Democrat Obama.

The Democrat left-wing-swing was and is to be expected. But, the new and assumed Republican candidate of choice was a surprise to many of us.

John McCain was a war hero who was tortured mercilessly during the Viet Nam war. For that, he should be respected and honored. But, he should not be honored for selling out the United States of America, in order to promote Open Borders and illegal immigration. The Kennedy-McCain Amnesty Bill would do just that. Although the American people (both Republican and Democrat) spoke out loudly against it, continuing efforts are underway in Congress to either bring it back or sneak it through in pieces attached to other bills. Despite McCain telling We-the-People that he has now had a ‘change of heart’, his actions contradict him. Note: Despite funding allocations for a border fence, the now liberal-run Congress has not budged in its refusal to allow it to be built.

McCain also joined decidedly leftist Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) in drafting the inappropriately named ‘Campaign Finance Reform’ bill. It was not reform but, a blockage of free speech.

So, there you have it. Three liberals—two Democrats and one Republican-in-name-only—are now enjoying the lead positions in their respective parties for the presidential run. Interestingly, the other day I received an email stating: “Obama and/or Hillary will destroy the Country with their progressive judicial appointments to the Supreme Court and federal Appellate Courts from their own ilk…” However, with no US Southern border enforcement, the United States of America will be shattered by illegals, drug dealers and other terrorists. It appears that We-the-People currently have only one option; that of which way we want our destruction to be employed. Pretty tragic.


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