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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  February 24, 2008

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Will Obama be our Second Anti-American President?

Arguably, Democrat Jimmy Carter—with his work toward decimating the US economy and his past and apparently current support of the Islamist enemies of the USA and humanity—was the first anti-American (if not anti-democracy) President of the United States. Almost single-handedly, Carter also destabilized the Middle East by working to allow the overthrow of the pro-US Shah of Iran, in order to create a power vacuum that permitted radical Islamists to take over that country. Carter was also instrumental in causing radical Islam to seize the US Embassy and its staff in Iran, which resulted in the 14-month Hostage Crisis. The Carter-created hostage disaster ended only after Republican Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States—replacing the feckless Carter. Carter, with all of his positions and actions during his single-term presidency—and beyond—may have been our first truly anti-American president.

However, Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Obama may very well prove to be our second.

The candidate’s wife Michelle Obama, during a recent speech in Milwaukee, told the fawning crowd that only with her husband’s candidacy for president of the United States was she finally proud to be an American. It appears that she had never been before. Her exact words are: “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country.” Please bear in mind that because both Michelle and Barack Obama were raised in the USA, they were able to attend the best in Ivy League schools. Michelle graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School, while Barack graduated both Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Dreadfully, as with too many liberals these days, both Michelle and Barack Obama seem to have used the advantages inherent within the USA for their own personal gain and aggrandizement and now take delight in trashing their country.

Despite the fact that We-the-People—both Democrats and Republicans—have demanded that both houses of Congress not pass an Amnesty bill for illegals and, instead, work to shut down the border, Obama has said he doesn’t agree with us. Instead, last Thursday Candidate Obama expressed his disdain with the Secure Fence Act of 2006. Obama wants to—and advises that he will—implement his own version of Open Borders. And what about the already passed Secure Fence act? Obama said: “And so I will reverse that policy!” So much for Obama’s stand on National Security. Obama would allow and support the continuation of invasion by illegals, terrorists and drug dealers into the United States.

Obama also wants to work with the world’s Communist leaders and the heads of radical Islamic countries—the same countries that have vowed to destroy the US and all democracies and view any negotiations and dialogue as weakness. Unfortunately, it appears that to all too many Democrats and ostensible “Independents” weakness is seen as Obama’s “strength.”

So, what will the country get with an Obama presidency? Let’s take a look.

• No Border Fence. Instead, the US will receive Open Borders (with perhaps some “virtual fencing” for “show”) and the continued incursion of terrorists, drug dealers and other illegal aliens

• The USA sitting down with its Communist enemies—with no preset conditions—to discuss how the United States of America can acquiesce to them

• The USA removing its troops from Iraq and then sitting down with radical Islamist countries—with no preset conditions—to discuss how the United States of America can best submit to their demands. Note: Remember—within extremist Islam, diplomacy is considered weakness

An additional and equally insane promise from Obama includes ‘solving the illegal immigrant problem by correcting and improving Mexico’s economy’—although Mexican leaders have been unable or unwilling to affect this for generations. Note: Besides, it’s easier and more economical for that country to export its problems to “El Norte” rather than trying to correct them, By the way, Obama plans to supernaturally create a “new Mexico” (not to be confused with the current US state) while refusing to trade with that country unless it adheres to US trade standards. Hmmm. Is Obama planning to annex Mexico?

It has been and is being said by his supporters that ‘Obama makes us feel good’. HUH??? How can anyone feel good about continuing to lose their livelihoods to illegals and then being forced to continue paying for their medical care and schooling, facing the dire consequences of yielding to our and our country’s destroyers and eliminating any last hope of border security? From his own mouth, this is what Obama tells us we’ll get with his presidency.

Somehow, the term “feel good” doesn’t even remotely apply. Instead, there’s a deeply sick sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. How about you?



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