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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 25, 2008

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Obama Tied to More Racists

As the leftist media valiantly attempts to bury any additional and factual racist-related stories about their presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), new information regarding Obama’s ties to racism and anti-Americanism are still emerging. And just as Obama’s former self-admitted anti-American/anti-white people/anti-Semitic pastor Jeremiah Wright has skulked off the pulpit of the inaptly named “Trinity United Church of Christ”, another apparently racism-preaching minister—Otis Moss—is picking up where Wright left off.

And there is, yet, another one—Minister James Meeks. But, let’s begin with Moss.

During this year’s Easter sermon, Moss (I will not refer to him or anyone who preaches hatred from the pulpit or elsewhere as “Reverend”) said of the reporting and dissemination of the truth about Wright’s hate-filled sermons as a “lynching”—a term used to inflame the congregation. Moss said: “No one should start a ministry with lynching. No one should end their ministry with lynching. The lynching was national news. The RNN, the Roman News Network, was reporting it and NPR—National ‘Publican’ Radio had it on the radio. The Jerusalem Post and the Palestine Times all wanted exclusives, they searched out the young ministers, showed up unannounced at their houses, tried to talk with their families, called up their friends, wanted to get a quote on how do you feel about the lynching?”

Note: It appears that Moss and Wright are the ones who begin and end their ministries with the term ‘lynching’. From his comments, it also appears that Moss does not believe in actually discovering the facts of a story. And with his referral to National “Publican” (trying to indicate “Republican” pastor?), it’s patently obvious that Moss has never really listened to NPR—which is notoriously leftist in its programming and presented viewpoint.

Yes. This is Senator Obama’s church—and has been for over 20 years. This is the same racist church that he, his wife and children attend. Questions: Can forcing children to listen to hate-speech be considered child-abuse? Or, is it only abuse if it’s not politically-correct liberal or Left-speak? Despite its name, this is not a church that preaches Christianity, folks.

Another African-American preacher—James Meeks from Chicago’s Southside Baptist Church—is a Barack Obama supporter, has ties to Obama’s campaign and is a “super-delegate.” Displaying pride for his race-hatred, in a video, Meeks said: “You got some preachers that are house niggers. You got some elected officials that are house niggers. And rather than them trying to break this up, they gonna’ fight you to protect this white man!” When asked about his usage of the “N-word”, Meeks replied: “No one will be offended, except an individual that it applies to.”

Of additional interest, is that the extremist hate group New Black Panther Party—led by Malik Zulu Shabbazz—has endorsed Obama for president; an endorsement apparently carried on Obama’s own website.

These are the same Black Panthers who proclaim: “We believe that Black People should not be forced to fight in the military service to defend a racist government that holds us captive and does not protect us. We will not fight and kill other people of color in the world who, like Black People, are being victimized by the white racist government of America. As our political objective, we want NATIONAL LIBERATION in a separate state or territory of our own, here or elsewhere, ‘a liberated zone’ (’New Africa’ or Africa), and a plebiscite to be held throughout the BLACK NATION in which only we will be allowed to participate for the purposes of determining our will and DIVINE destiny as a people. FREE THE LAND!”

Yes, like it or not, we are judged by the company we keep and the ideologies we support—either overtly or covertly. With that in mind, presidential candidate Obama just gets scarier and scarier each and every day.



Meeks' Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6Kz-_IaFyU&feature=related




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