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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 19, 2008

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We CAN Drill Our Way Out of This

With regards to securing oil from and for our own country in order to end or greatly reduce the rising oil price crisis, the Democrats new mantra is “we can’t drill our way out of it.” Wrong. Of course we can! Someone should tell the Democrat-run Congress that the way oil is secured is by drilling for it. But, it’s been so long since we in the USA have been allowed to secure new oil resources that perhaps they no longer realize how it’s done.

Instead of correcting the problem, this same Congress is creating a strawman argument and idiotically suing those—specifically OPEC—that supply the oil and both interrogating the leaders of US oil companies and planning to punish them with additional regulations and taxation. This despite the fact that US oil companies in all probability pay more in US taxes than any other industry. Democrats in Congress, including but not limited to House Reps Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), have—in true totalitarian Hugo Chavez mode—even called for the US government seizure of US oil companies. In fact, the Democrat response to this week’s presidential call for offshore drilling was not to correct the problem. Instead, their response was for the government to take over and nationalize US oil companies! Apparently, the Democrat-run Congress is now bent upon beginning the change of the USA from a republic into a Marxist-based communist country even before the November elections. One wonders on whose pockets the oil revenues will now reside. Note: We can now see it with our own eyes and hear it with our own ears directly from the donkey’s mouth—so to speak. However, the determination as to whether or not anyone will pay any attention is still up in the air. At this juncture, the leftist mainstream press isn’t even covering the story. Hmmm, wonder why.

Here are some actually documented facts that may or may not—contingent upon what side of the political aisle one is on—be of interest.

• China is already exploring for oil reserves off the Florida coast. When they find it they will drill for it. But, the faux environmentalists in our country—their masters to whom Democrats are beholden—won’t allow the US to do the same. Note: Apparently only the “already communist countries” may do so.

• Projected billions, if not trillions, of oil barrel potential already resides in the USA. But, the faux environmentalists—despite new and safe methods of oil retrieval—won’t allow it. The amount is said to surpass that of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves. Note: This fact has also gone largely unreported by our “mainstream” press.

• The Democrats have said for over 20 years and continue to say that “it will take ten years to extract any oil if we started to drill today.” First of all, that fact is disputed. With new technology, some believe that extraction can begin in 2 years or less. Second, this is the same argument Democrats have used for decades to block drilling. However, using the Dems’ own verbiage, had we lifted the ban on drilling ten years ago it’s doubtful we would be in the predicament we find ourselves today. In essence, we would probably already be energy independent. Note: As any alternative technologies to oil are being worked on and attempts are being made to implement and bring them to the marketplace, one would think that the US would already be close to energy independence. However, as we-the-people have discovered, these “new and improved” technologies have yet to prove themselves to be either viable or economical. Let’s face it. If there were big bucks to be made, money would be flowing into these enterprises and they would be widely available today.

• We need new refineries. But, no refineries have been built in the US since 1976. The Democrats have blocked—and continue to block—any attempts to build them.

Unfortunately, these leaders—AKA “rulers”—still are unwilling to affect any real solution to our problems. Despite the needs of both the country and the shouts from we-the-people, they are bent upon serving only their personal ambitions. And they also seem bent upon rounding us all up and frog-marching us toward and into a totalitarian state where only they—the ruling elite—can realistically prosper. Still willing to go along with their plans?

In the past, I have roundly criticized Republicans when they have made what I considered to be bone-headed moves. I will continue to do so. However, I have yet to see many—if any—Democrats do the same. Curious.





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