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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  July 11, 2008

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Fox News Goes Almost All Obama All the Time

Recently, I have been hard pressed to turn on cable news and go more that 5 minutes without hearing some rah-rah campaigning for Democrat POTUS candidate Barack Obama. However, the recent and developing story is that this phenomenon is no longer relegated to CNN, MSNBC and the other traditional liberal and leftist alphabet networks. Fox News has now joined its comrades and the previously “fair and balanced” network seems to have taken a decidedly leftist slant. Instead of the previous ‘fair and balanced’ tack, FNC now appears to have firmly planted its feet on the liberal-leftist side of the aisle. In essence, that which differentiated Fox News from the pro-Democrat leftist news has almost been eliminated and it is becoming its competition. Fox now runs Obama speeches—usually almost in toto—without interruption. McCain’s speeches, however, may be broadcast for a few minutes. Then, the anchors’ “interpretations and comparisons to Obama” begin.

Watching Fox and Friends on Friday 11 July, Fox coverage of the US presidential campaign included discussions of Obama, an interview of Democrat NM Governor Bill Richardson (as to how great Obama is) and an additional interview of Howard Wolfson—former top aide for Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign and current Fox News political analyst. Except when Wolfson brought up John McCain’s name, I don’t believe it was even mentioned on the show. Note: Co-host Gretchen Carlson has on more than one occasion recently appeared to vigorously come to Obama’s aid when one of the guests said something negative about Obama. Hmmm. Wonder who she’s supporting for president. The youthful weekend Fox and Friends crew is even more pronounced in its support for the leftist Democrat candidate. Now, the only difference between FNC and the other networks is that Fox may have more conservatives on its payroll. However, I assume that is in the process of being changed.

The mainstream liberal media—now including Fox News—has recently applauded Barack Obama for sounding more “centrist” and “moderate” in his campaign speeches. Actually, the “sounding” part is correct. But, that’s all Obama’s move toward “moderate” is—sound and fury signifying nothing. Never fear MoveOn.org and Daily Kos. Your candidate is still a Marxist and will again openly become one after he is President of the United States.

Note: At this juncture, I have strongly begun to doubt that the now wimpy-sounding and refusing-to-fight-for-the-job John McCain has a prayer of winning the presidency. And with his denigration of any and all Republicans who tell the truth about his opponent, one has to wonder if McCain even wants the job. Recently, I’ve been asking myself if McCain is actually a stealth member of the Obama campaign.

But, back to FNC. I guess I can’t really blame Fox News. The inevitable Democrat-run Congress’—with Democrats soon to be in power in all three branches of government—pending legislation to bring back the “fairness doctrine” geared toward removing conservatives and their point of view from the airways, I imagine that Fox carefully pondered the situation. I also imagine that FNC decided it either needed to “voluntarily” join ‘em or be potentially subject to a forced scenario after the new Stalinists formally seize the USA.

Conservatives—as well as Christian Bible publishers who are now being sued to either change scripture or stop publishing the Holy Book—may soon be forced into hiding. Note: This is what occurred in Russia for all who opposed the offshoot of the Bolshevik Revolution—Stalinistic communism. The masses, AKA “proletariat”, either kept quiet about their opposition or were sent to Siberia—or worse.

Think it can’t happen here? If you do, unfortunately you’re very wrong. It has already begun. Conservatives used to at least have a voice. With the apparent demise of “fair and balanced,” that voice is being even more vigorously suppressed. Sadly, warnings don’t seem to be working and like the frog placed in a pot filled with water on a stove—the realization of the US takeover by unfriendly forces may only register with its proletariat after it is in the process of being boiled alive. It may not even end with a whimper.

A democratic republic can occur only so long as men and women of good will agree to it. When that good will and agreement end so does the republic.





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