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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  July 18, 2008

Topic category:  Other/General

Mainstream Media Phase of Obama Campaign Moves into High Gear

John McCain has visited Afghanistan and Iraq on multiple occasions. But, the mainstream media neither reports nor follows McCain when he is overseas. In fact, they have done and continue to do their best to ignore the Republican presidential candidate. However, these same media are now dutifully following their messiah—Barack Hussein Obama—wherever he leads them. And they will no doubt report whatever he and his campaign officials tell them to report. This time, intense media adulation exists for Obama’s very first trip to Afghanistan. WOW! What a guy!!! And so, the media (including the always-favorably-reporting-on-Obama CBS, ABC and NBC “news” which are said to be the only ones to have been invited by the Obama campaign) begins their first ever overseas campaign rally for their candidate of choice. Note: Any thoughts of the leftist media ever returning to straight and unbiased reporting have now been dashed—once and for all. The media are no longer even attempting to hide their prejudice for only leftist candidates who run for any and all elected offices.

The media are now, finally, openly telling us that they will not—under any and/or all foreseeable circumstances—fairly report on any and all non-leftist candidates; but will, instead, work diligently to vilify, distort and lie about them. Sadly and as I’ve reported before, even Fox News—the once ‘fair and balanced’ network—has now joined leftist news’ colleagues with its almost “All Obama All the Time” positive coverage. Note: The days of a free and impartial press are now officially gone—forever it appears. Mega-media provider—the leftist Associated Press—is even advising its alleged “reporters” to add more ‘emotive language’ and opinion into their news stories. The “opinion,” of course, is only acceptable so long as it originates from the “correct”—AKA leftist—point of view. One has to believe that Marx, Lenin, Stalin and all other oppressors of humanity would be proud.

During Obama’s Rainbow Tour—not to be confused with Eva Peron’s more legitimate one—he will also, and perhaps more importantly, speak to the old power elite of Europe. This is the same old leftist elite that say they love Obama—because they hate President Bush. Note: This is, also, the same elite class that has almost decimated Europe with its leftist policies. Anyone still remember the patently corrupt and leftist former President of France Jacque Chirac? Chirac is the poster-boy for what leftist policies can do for you. And Obama loves them! After all, their leftist policies are essentially the same as those Obama has in store for the USA.

There is little to no doubt that Obama will receive applause and accolades from leftist and the now increasingly Islamic Europe. Besides, if Obama makes some major speaking gaffe he will have his CBS, ABC and NBC campaign news teams to smile adoringly at him, explain any potential gaffes away or ask “what gaffes?”, say that ‘Bush made him say them’ or ignore and refuse to report them at all. Ahhh, the beauty of having the media working for you and never—never—being asked any hard questions. Question: Can the title King of the World be far behind for Obama?

If we thought the “all Obama all the time” coverage has been overwhelming thus far, just wait. I predict that Obama’s fawning coverage will soon become never-ending and crushing. And all of this will occur while Mr. Obama spouts his flowery scripts which say essentially nothing. But,then, he does smile while delivering them.





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