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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  September 7, 2008

Topic category:  Other/General

Obama Surrogates Float More False Smears about Palin

We already know that if you don’t vote for Obama, you’re a racist. If Obama loses the presidential race that means that the country is racist. And if one chooses to run against Obama, said opponent—by his or her sheer audacity to do so—must also be labeled a racist. How do we know? Via his surrogates (otherwise known as Obama “mouthpieces” or “lapdogs”) the Democrats secular messiah—Barack Hussein Obama—has told us so. The latest apparently got its start in the far-Left blogosphere. From the same fun group of folks who brought you the faked and thoroughly discredited story that Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin’s Down syndrome son was really her daughter’s child we have the new one—said by some to be ‘Leftist-rumor-to-destroy-Sarah Palin-number65 that Palin (speaking of Obama’s victory over Hillary Clinton) said “Sambo beat the bitch.” Suffice it to say, the Left-wing bloggers immediately jumped on the story.

One blogger quotes a ‘telephone interview’ of a waitress only identified as “Lucille who is part Aboriginal” as having overheard Governor Palin make the statement while in her restaurant. Are these people who continue to make up these smears aware the Governor Sarah Palin’s husband is of Eskimo heritage? But, why let a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good smear?

Another completely bogus rumor being spread about Governor Palin is that in 1996 she had a list of books she wanted “banned” by an Alaskan library. Of course, the claim is patently phony and part of the Obama surrogate campaign to use anything and everything to get Palin to resign. But, to show how unschooled many of these Obama surrogates are, some of the books they listed that Palin wanted banned in 1996 hadn’t even been written yet! Heads up to Michelle Malkin on this one. How embarrassing that must have been to the lefties—the same ones who probably hadn’t read any of the books they placed on the trumped up list. No matter, the lunatic fringe will continue and their next sets of rumors are surely in the process of being composed.

But, one thing is refreshing about all of this. It gives the rest of us an accurate glimpse into Chicago thug politics and how Obama rose in the ranks of the Democrat Party. That philosophy is “search and destroy all opponents no matter what has to be done.” Chicago politics have now firmly reached the national stage.




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