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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  October 1, 2008

Topic category:  Other/General

Pro-Obama Moderator Chosen for VP Candidate Debates

In order to further ensure Democrats Obama and Biden win the upcoming election, unabashed Obama supporter Gwen Ifill has been chosen to “moderate” the VP candidates’ debate Thursday night. Ifill also has a gushingly pro-Obama book “The Breakthrough” due to be released soon. One can only surmise that Ifill was chosen to moderate the debate because it would be easier for a woman to eviscerate Republican candidate and Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin while she asks Democrat Sen. Biden if he would like a pillow or a soft drink.

Note: This is simply the latest in a long list of leftist and pro-Obama media disgraces.

Ifill’s book sales will most certainly profit from her hosting the debate and should Obama win the presidency—if one believes the current polls and the current pro-Obama ACORN-induced voter fraud underway he will—she will further profit financially. This is just the latest in the overt news media’s Obama mania and bias to ensure—once and for all—that their Marxist candidate wins. Note: Cheating and stealing is already being covered by Obama’s voter-fraud group ACORN.

Much like the Democrats blaming Republicans for the Fannie and Freddie financial debacle that was caused by Democrats—and ONLY Democrats—this Ifill moderator appointment is a slap in the face to Obama/Biden opponents. This is also setting the tone for things to come—after the Obama forces seize the presidency of the US. If challengers to the leftist “cause” are even allowed to be heard by the public in the future, only leftists will be chosen to interrogate them.

So, in Thursday’s debate, watch for Ifill’s stiffness toward Palin and her warmth, joking and smiles directed toward Biden. Watch for condescension when Ifill deals with Palin and admiration and deference when she questions Biden. Listen to how the questions Ifill asks are couched when it’s Palin’s turn vs Biden’s. Listen for how Ifill reacts to each response and note if different amounts of time are allotted for each candidate. In other words, observe closely.


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