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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  October 12, 2008

Topic category:  Other/General

Letter to Senator John McCain—are you even listening to your supporters?

Dear Senator McCain:

First and foremost: If you do not start fighting for the presidency of the United States of America—and showing your supporters and would-be supporters that you really want the position—you may as well tell the public that you actually support Barack Hussein Obama.

At a recent Minnesota town hall meeting, you said: "I have to tell you. Sen. Obama is a decent person and a person you don’t have to be scared of as president of the United States." Are you serious? As some if not many of we-who-have-supported-you have written, this “decent man” has direct—including his having gained and given millions of dollars to—ties to the largest voter fraud organization in US (if not world) history. This is the same Barack Obama who also has direct ties to convicted felon Antoin “Tony” Rezco. This is the same Obama who, along with his wife Michelle, also has direct working, personal and campaign-related ties to Weather Underground terrorists William Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dohrn. Ayers and Dohrn have hosted several fundraisers for Obama at their home, Obama and Ayers worked together on the boards of both the Woods Foundation and Chicago Annenberg Challenge where they funneled millions of dollars to Obama’s voter fraud group ACORN. Note: Michelle Obama and Bernadette Dohrn worked at the same law firm.

This is the same Barack Obama whose mentor for over 20 years was anti-American and racist “minister” Jeremiah Wright. Obama was a member of the Democrat Socialist New Party in the 1990s. And, this is the same Barack Hussein Obama who has personal and family ties to radical Islam. Obama’s brother Roy is a Muslim who has said he supports Islamic Shari’a law. Kenyan political figure (for whom Barack Obama has campaigned) and Obama cousin Raila Odinga also supports radical Shari’a law. Note: Recently, the best selling author of “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality” Jerome Corsi was “detained” (AKA arrested) without explanation and had his cell phone and papers confiscated by armed Kenyan “officials.” Corsi was in Kenya gathering additional background information and had scheduled a press conference at a hotel. Neither of which was allowed by the pro-Obama Kenyan government. The leftist and in-the-tank-for-Obama mainstream media refuses to report on and actually has covered up—with even some Internet “scrubbing”—the real facts surrounding this man. Yet, Senator McCain, you have said of Obama you “admire his accomplishments.” Which ones of the above “accomplishments” do you admire, Senator?

Senator, we in the alternative New Media can do only so much investigation for you. After that—assuming you are still running for the Presidency of the United States of America—it is your responsibility to take it to Obama. We have given you more than enough ammunition—the truth about him—to do your job. If Obama wins—at this juncture it appears he will—there will soon be no more opposition allowed. And we already know that anyone who has the "arrogance" to run against Barack Hussein Obama is automatically labeled a racist.

If you can’t bring yourself to do it for your candidacy, Senator, at the very least please do it for our country.

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Sher Zieve

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