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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  November 11, 2008

Topic category:  Other/General

Obama Ready to “Rule” and End Opposing Views

Surprisingly, more truth-about-Obama came out on NBC’s Tom Brokaw-hosted Meet the Press, last Sunday. NBC—both news and entertainment—has admitted it and its far-Left affiliate MSNBC were and still are ‘in the bag’ for Obama. Its faux news stories were geared toward placing Obama and Biden in the most favorable light possible, while vilifying John McCain and Sarah Palin. NBC has been—correctly—called the “New Obama Channel.” That is why it’s so astonishing that the comments of his Transition Team co-chair Valerie Jarrett were remarkable. She told the truth! Note: After the denigration and intense state-sponsored investigation of Joe the Plumber for asking a question that “caused” Barack Obama to tell the truth about his Marxist “spread the wealth” intentions, one has to wonder if Tom Brokaw will face any reprisals.

After Brokaw’s question “What's the working model? Are you going to try to be a shadow government or just a very interested spectator off to the side?” Jarrett included in her answer: “given the daunting challenges that we face, it's important that President-elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule day one.” That’s rule—not govern. And no—it was not another slip of the tongue from a starry-eyed. It’s the way Obama’s adherents view their Master and secular messiah. And rule he will.

The grossly misnamed “Fairness Doctrine” (FD) is also now on the docket to be reinstated. It was and is misnamed because there was never anything fair about it. It was and has always been a ploy to ensure that no Democrat-opposing viewpoints occur on Radio. When the doctrine was removed under President Ronald Reagan, overwhelmingly conservative talk radio began and has continued to flourish. It flourishes because huge audiences want to hear it. On the flip side, leftist talk radio has failed—and requires constant infusions of cash and government subsidies (IE NPR)—because people do NOT want to listen to it. Bringing this doctrine back will be yet another step in soon-to-be President Obama’s march to end free speech. Although he has said he doesn’t “plan” to tackle the Fairness Doctrine, Obama has hired former FCC Commissioner and Fairness-Doctrine proponent Henry Rivera to run the team that will select the next FCC Chairman. Note: What most people do not realize is that reinstating the FD requires nothing more than a majority vote of FCC Commissioners. No one else is involved. Now that the Democrats have free rein (and reign) over everything USA, its reinstatement is a virtual foregone conclusion.

Many comments I have received on previous columns include “Obama’s not king of the world.” Not yet, folks. But, as he almost daily shows and tells us that he intends to strip away more and more of our freedoms—even before taking office—he may soon be close to King if not Emperor status. The Democrats have already destroyed our economy and Obama has told us that he plans to establish a new Bill of Rights that gives the government more control over the American population. His soon-to-be relentless crush onto the backs of We-the-People continues. Just try to keep yourselves informed and be prepared. For most, the last vestiges of a dying free press are already merely icons from a vaguely-remembered past.

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