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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  December 29, 2008

Topic category:  Other/General

Israel Told No Viable Self Defense Allowed—Again

For months and now years, terrorist Hamas has launched rockets against Israel on an almost daily basis. The worldwide leftist and Islamic media barely notice or actively ignore these attacks. As has become the usual world leftist expectation—if not demand—Israel is simply expected to “take it” and not fight back. In fact, each and every time Israel attempts to defend itself, Islamic countries and the media blame Israel for fighting back against the terrorists. They claim that Israel’s defense of itself amounts to Israel causing the problem in the first place! This is of course an insane position. But, insanity is the preferred position of both Islam and its willing companion The Left.

I don’t remember when the Leftist-created concept of “Israel is only allowed a limited response to attacks against it” began. This is sheer idiocy, as presented and demanded by lunatics. Unless you are suicidal, when someone is trying to kill you, you fight back with everything at your disposal. However, as it has already been established that insanity is the favored stance of the Left and Islam, it should come as no surprise that both of these groups seem—indeed—to be geared toward ending their lives. Islamic “suicide” (AKA homicide) bombers have been proving this point for decades and longer.

As we have come to expect, Islam is protesting and rioting—yet again—over Israel’s latest attempt at protecting itself from terrorist Islamic Hamas. These hordes have again taken to the streets—worldwide—in quite apparently planned and coordinated marches that are becoming increasingly violent. Across European cities, these synchronized massive gangs are calling for an end to Israel—no surprises here as the Left and Islam have been demanding this for many years. And Islam and its leftist accomplices are—yet again—referring to Israel’s counter-strikes against its attackers as a “massacre.” Note: This is the political way of tyrannical oppressors. They begin conflicts and affect murders while they claim to be the victims. Tragically for those of us who still maintain the ability for critical thinking, all too many of the dumbed-down populations have bought into this patently ludicrous argument.

So there we have it. Israel has again been forced into a conflict that is not of its own making but, is still expected to ignore the bleeding wounds caused by its muggers. And too many of the masses have accepted this underlying principle that no matter what Israel does it is wrong. This is the way in which anti-Semitism is currently being spread throughout the world by the world press. Many of us know what is to come. But, that does not alleviate us of our responsibility to inform others. And as Hamas continues to call itself the victim, it continues to launch rockets specifically intended against the civilian areas of Israel. Amazing.

Massive rocket attack launched on Israel:



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Anti-Israeli Protests across Europe:


Jerusalem to be attacked: http://nasb.scripturetext.com/zechariah/12.htm

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