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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  January 28, 2009

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Obama’s Destruction of the USA Shifts into High Gear

Before our very eyes—no longer hidden in dark corners—the greatest economic theft in history is occurring. And the same individuals who are largely—if not completely—responsible for the US’ economic downturn (does anyone still remember the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac crises that began the collapse of the financial dominoes?) have now taken charge of ‘correcting the problem’. Names like Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Barack Obama, Daniel H. Mudd, Franklin Raines and Jamie Gorelick come quickly and easily to mind. Note: If you don’t know it, you may wish to check the political affiliation of all of these individuals. *Hint*: They are all member of the same party.

Barack Hussein Obama is picking up President Bush’s slack and is on course to totally bankrupt the country with a phony “stimulus package” that appears to be stimulating nothing but his and his minions’ pockets. But, I must give credit where credit is due. It took him, his colleagues and adherents no more than a moment, really no more than the blink of an eye—to bring the country to its knees. In the history of the United States of America—if not the world—massive government bailouts and takeovers have never worked to stimulate any economy. But, they work very well toward increasing power and the march toward absolute rule over a people. Obama knows this well. And—as I warned for years—no one will be able to stop him. In future elections the fix will be in. Any and all opposition votes from the people will no longer count. As Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying “elections have consequences.” They do. Obama has also warned—if not threatened—GOP leaders not to listen to Limbaugh…or else.

We are further being told by Obama and his team that most of this new $800B plus raid on the US Treasury will not be implemented for at least 2 years. At least $4.1B appears to have been earmarked for Obama’s and the Democrats’ soon-to-be permanent US Government Election Fraud Unit ACORN. And, to ensure that ONLY those who are approved by the Democrat Congress are placed in office, the Democrat bill contains language that will disallow any “stimulus” money being given to Illinois if Governor Blagojevich is allowed to remain in office. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination nor thought process to see the same being applied to other states.

Note: The 2-year projected implementation period should certainly give ample time for much of the $800B+ to ‘magically’ disappear. Remember the “incredible disappearing funding” allocated to Louisiana after it was hit by Katrina? The disposition of most of the relief monies has not—yet—been accounted for or found. Question (there may be a test later): Which political party ran the state of LA, before and during that time period?

Obama’s folks seemingly continue to fight to suppress their smiles (many appear to be choking back outright belly laughs) as they tell We-the-People that the times are “dire” for the US economy and that the Obama Administration has to move immediately! This is the person that was—ostensibly—elected US president by the American people, who was also a large partaker of Fannie Mae money.

Note: One of the greatest tools of the corrupt is to manufacture chaos for the “masses” so that said masses are distracted and won’t see what the despoiled are really doing.

For his first “formal interview” since being elected POTUS, Obama selected Arab channel Al-Arabiya and has now announced that he and his Administration want direct talks with Iran. This is the same Iran that will have at least one viable—some believe it has many more—nuclear weapon by the end of 2009. As Iran will never agree to stop its policy of working to “wipe Israel off the map,” one must question and consider the motivation of and for these “talks.”

Brace yourselves, folks. These are only the beginnings. And, before the storm troopers come banging down the door, I’ll continue to share facts and the truth. Dire times have, indeed, come to the USA. But the economy is only one of the symptoms—a symptom that was brought on unnaturally (with the purpose of destruction) so that an, heretofore, unrealized unconditional power could be forced down the throats of a new proletariat. Stalinistic Socialism has arrived.

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