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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 23, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

Obama Announces Government Control over Private Industry Exec Comp

As I reported on over last weekend—and received the wrath of “Obama-no-matter-what-he-does” supporters—Obama has now ‘officially’ announced that he and the US government will force their restrictions on executive salaries. He has announced that this assault on private industry will begin with ALL banks whether or not they took bail-out money. He has also announced that he will be looking toward bringing Wall Street and the entire financial industry under his control and is looking toward controlling ‘publicly traded companies’. In so doing, Obama has begun the implementation of his plan to place now private industries in the US under government control.

Note: No wonder Hugo Chavez recently insulted Obama. The secular messiah is stealing the Venezuelan dictator’s thunder!

In less than 2 months in power, Fearless Leader Obama has driven the country to the brink of bankruptcy (and has announced another $1 TRILLION+ theft of taxpayer money is coming), has grabbed the US Census Bureau and placed it under his control (so that he can rewrite districts that only Democrats will control—it’s called Gerrymandering), has placed voluntary-soon-to-become-mandatory citizen public service into effect, has arranged for state and local police to treat anyone who supports a 3rd party candidate, speaks out against Obama or who does not agree with the NAU as ‘terrorists and militia members’, assigned ACORN as both his fraud and Census ‘counting and enforcement’ unit, cut US Defense funding, is in process of cutting the US nuclear arsenal, begun the process of eliminating both the First and Second Amendments, trashed our allies and praised our enemies and has now advised US citizens that he is just about to effectively end capitalism and private business.

In essence, Obama has told us we can no longer speak out against his policies and actions without fear of retribution from his police and the US government, we will have our guns seized or gun ownership severely limited, we will no longer be able to have any of our money as he and his cronies have confiscated all of it and we are essentially bankrupt—while he and his friends have almost every-night parties at the White House—and that We-the-People are now expected to work for him. Note: This is called “feudalism.”

Do you who voted for Obama—but still have working minds—finally see and hear what he is doing to the country, to us and—to you? He IS the American Stalin and his programs and policies will adversely affect ALL of us—even leftists that he doesn’t like. Do you finally get it?

Obama to regulate executive pay at ALL banks:



Administration will push for increased oversight of executive pay:


Obama to regulate Executive Pay:



Hugo Chavez insults Obama:


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Missouri police identify non-Obama supporters as terrorists and militia members:

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