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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  May 14, 2009

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The Fast and Furious Growth of the Obama Dictatorship

Obama’s position of the consummate US dictator is not truly being challenged by many—if any—of our elected officials. This administration’s gutting of US resources and wealth is historically unprecedented. It was designed and is being implemented by the political power elite to impoverish the American people—via stealing all of their now former wealth—and create a single proletariat (worker) class that is dependent upon Obama’s “benevolence” (for those who support the secular messiah) or malice )toward those who do not). And Obama’s new energy policy is designed to increase utility rates to a now projected increase of more than $3,100/year/US household. The Washington Times notes: “A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that the cap-and-trade tax will cost every American family more than $3,100 per year!”

While his in-pocket mainstream press refuses to disseminate any truthful less-than-positive news about him and continues to attempt suppression of said truth, within the US population the fear of Obama and his government is growing geometrically. As We-the-People’s fear of the apparent usurper of the US presidency escalates, the Obama administration is said to fear losing their positions. Therefore, Obama by way of his DHS chief has already labeled those who oppose him or his policies as enemies of the state. In their own countries, tyrants known as Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Jong-Il and Idi Amin did much the same to stop their opposition. When that didn’t work, the opponents to totalitarian rule were first jailed and then murdered. Eventually, these tyrants bypassed the imprisonment part and went straight to the murders.

Obama and his now all-leftist-all-of-the-time Congress in power passed the “Obama Youth Brownshirt Goon Squad” Act—alternately known as “G.I.V.E.” or “Obama’s National Youth Civilian police Corps”—which officially begins his private police force. Obama’s now voter fraud lawsuit plagued organization ACORN has been granted BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to continue their fraud-in-favor-of Obama and his programs and to work as US Census-takers to rewrite congressional districts; so that the Left will remain in power forever. When his challengers speak, they will be silenced. As a side note, Obama’s FCC is now commenting about bringing back the ‘unfairness doctrine’ in order to further silence opposition to the secular messiah.

Obama has taken over two of the US’ once “Big Three” car manufacturers in order to run the companies and give 55% to the UAW—as payback to the union for helping to elect him to the position of POTUS. He is in the process of manipulating Chrysler’s and GM’s bankruptcy by converting preferred stock to common to give his government voting rights over the companies. He also dismissed Chrysler’s bondholders as –also—enemies of the state if they did not allow him and the UAW to be placed ahead of them in bankruptcy court. If the bondholders did not agree, Obama threatened them with the full force of the US government—making them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Cars that run on Obama’s desired “new technologies”—extremely expensive and those that can travel only a very limited distance before having to be recharged—will be the only ones he will allow to be manufactured. This will limit citizen mobility.

Obama’s political party largely created the financial debacle in which we now find ourselves trapped—with their theft of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac monies. And the September 2008 run on US banks is believed by many to have been effected by the Left in order to blame Republicans and ensure the election of Barack Hussein Obama; a man who to date STILL refuses to prove that he is a natural-born (or any other type of) US citizen as required by the US Constitution.

Obama is now attempting to regulate the monetary compensation of US workers. Starting with executives in the financial industry, his administration has announced its intent to eventually regulate and limit the pay of all US workers. His “Universal Healthcare” will not only further gut the US economy but, will allow Obama and his policy follower-implementers to decide who will be helped and who will not; in other words who can live and who must die. With virtually everything known by the government about an individual, privacy, liberty and freedom will be gone forever.

Note: Although he had to resign an Obama appointment due to his own apparent tax evasion, the Obama Administration still has former Democrat Senator Tom ‘the senior citizen exterminator’ Daschle as a healthcare consultant. This is the same Tom Daschle who said that the elderly (except him and his family one presumes) must accept their fate. The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission observed: “In his book, Daschle explains that Americans, especially elderly Americans, must get used to living with less comfort and less treatment for various medical maladies, i.e. the rationing of health care. Within the British health-care system, a mathematical formula is used (with age as a significant factor) to determine what level of health care is most cost effective for each patient. Under that system in 2006, for instance, the British council denied expensive treatment to elderly patients suffering from macular degeneration until they had gone blind in one eye. At that point they were eligible to receive medical treatment for the disease in their other eye. (This particularly egregious decision was overturned last year because of public outrage.)”

So, we now have the following additional despotic items firmly in place:

• Forced impoverishment of the US population (it’s easier to control the poor than it is the rich)

• Full power of US government to be exerted against Obama opposition

• End of legal contracts—IE Chrysler bondholders—if Obama doesn’t like them

• HUGE political pay back to Obama’s friends and gutting of economy for We-the-People taxpayers

• Obama-supporting/opposition-suppressing youth goon squads being put in place

• Enforced limited or non-existent free speech

• Enforced limited or virtually non-existent citizen mobility

• Obama-determined US workers’ monetary compensation

• Obama and his officials to determine who is allowed to live and who should die

Think I’m wrong? Check the sources I’ve included. Are these really the changes you were looking for? One thing is certain—these are Obama’s tyrannical “changes you can count on.”

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