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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  May 20, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

Tyranny Watch 2: Obama Steps up Attacks against American People

Under Supreme Leader Obama’s directive of ‘I’m in power now, I’ve seized your country to destroy it as I choose and none of you can do anything about it’, new attacks (which could logically be called “hate crimes”) against the American people are in full play. Laughing almost as gleefully during his daily television appearance on Tuesday 19 May—as he probably did while he watched his TV showing the masses in New York running from his flyover 747 and two fighter jets—the US Dictator Obama smiled while delivering the news that essentially said that US citizens will probably no longer be able to afford electricity. With his and the Democrats’ “Cap and Trade” legislation—which will result in a minimum additional $3,100/year/household—Obama is planning to tax it out of existence.

Note: Now is the time to stock up on HUGE caches of wood and fans. And as the burning of wood should create a great deal more pollution, Obama is likely planning to tax it in the future. Prepare to be taxed on the wood and the fans.

As liberals and leftists—liberal Republican included—continue to tell us “man made global warming is more dangerous than Islamist terrorists,” the also continue to pilfer our personal resources. Even though this hoax has been fully exposed, the liberals continue to use the bogus argument as a way to continue to pilfer and steal from We-the-People. And We-the-People have yet to really fight back against the tyrants who now rule—not work for—us. Even Obama’s VP Joe Biden ranked terrorist attacks behind air pollution and corn syrup when he said “air that has too much coal in it, corn syrup next, then a terrorist attack.” It may sound as if liberals are truly insane. The masses of liberals and leftists may just be. However, their leaders are not. They know that the lies the populations have been taught since they were children in government-run schools have made them compliant to these rulers’ eventual theft of everything the people used to own. Or as every good liberal and leftist (AKA Socialist and/or Fascist) worth his or her salt says: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” and “the State will provide for our needs.” Those who belong to the mind-numbed classes don’t ever seem to realize that “the State” is pillaging all of their wealth and doling out smaller and smaller portions back to them. Note: This stance is even stronger in their leaders.

What can we do? At this juncture, FLOOD the US Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121, ask for your representatives and senators and tell them to stop their thievery and oppression of the American citizen. Tell them to vote “NO” on Obama’s cap, trade and theft bill. If they do not, the cooking fires and creeks for washing will soon replace our appliances. But, that is—after all—the usurper Obama’s plan. A poor population is a more compliant one.

By the way, these leaders are ostensibly working to stop CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions. We and all other mammals breathe out Carbon Dioxide. Plants need CO2 to manufacture Oxygen. In other words, they are attempting to implement a plan that will ultimately end lives—not save them. I’m reminded of the recent animated film “The Tale of Despereaux.” One of the lines in the film is “What happens when you make something that is a natural part of the world illegal?” Even a mouse knows the answer.

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