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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 22, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

ObamaCare: Just another Way to Steal Our Money?

Unless one became blind and deaf before Obama’s coronation, it has become almost impossible to avoid the increasingly realistic judgment that he has been prepared and designed to affect (make that force) a USA totalitarian police state and to steal US Citizens’ money in order to—then—use it to suppress them. Relishing his duty, Obama preens and smiles to his now State-run press cameras as he delivers the horrific news of his planned and already in-process implementation of tyranny. In other words, the dictator is now using our resources to destroy us—a tactic that has been used by virtually every tyrant in history.

After already commandeering over a Trillion dollars from the American people and telling us it was the greedy banks and auto companies that caused and is causing our financial woes (irrespective of the fact that they were brought on primarily by the Democrat slush funds Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their patron-leftist Democrats Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and Barack Obama) now Dictator Obama and his Democrat minions are telling us that healthcare is the culprit! By the way, ObamaCare will also him to control virtually all of the actions—what we can and cannot eat, do, say, think etc.—of American citizens. It will also allow him and his adherents to ultimately decide who will live and who will die. This will be called ObamaTotalControl.

Note: It appears that every time Obama wants to further bleed the American people of their hard-earned dollars he finds some new scapegoat. A scapegoat that keeps their attention away from what he and his minions are actually doing.

Obama now tells us that 49 Million Americans do not have healthcare in the USA—a number that has been and is being roundly disputed by many statisticians and conservatives. Obama’s new theft (in good conscience and with respect for the truth I can call it nothing else) is slated to be at least $1 TRILLION to begin and likely several Trillion dollars after he has implemented it. The tremendous problem is that ObamaCare is designed to only cover about 25-30% of the US uninsured. That’s Trillions of our and our and our descendants’ dollars spent to provide what has already been called “limited healthcare” to approximately 12,250,000—many of whom are illegal immigrants. And how to pay for Obama’s excesses? He plans to increase payroll taxes, sales taxes and even another new tax for those who pay for non-government private insurance. In fact, Obama will so use the force of government to overburden the American people and private insurance companies with new taxes and restrictions that only government insurance will be left standing. Look at what happened with the Democrat slush funds Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Their collapses began the current worldwide financial chaos. And, guess what? They are STILL in business being financed by the government. Can you say unrestrained corruption?

Appearing on FNC Monday with Megyn Kelly, Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) advised Obama’s 49 Million figure is greatly inflated and only has the chance of approaching credibility if all illegal aliens—yes we will have to pay for them also—and those who have opted out of health insurance (those who actually do not want it) are included. So yet another Obama lie—or at the very least “misstatement”—surfaces; one that will—nevertheless—be patently supported by Obama’s new State-run media source ABC (the now All Barack Channel). Speaking of which, in case you have been in a cave or otherwise incommunicado, on Wednesday 23 June ABC will be broadcasting an all day Obama Infomercial from the Obama White House; an unpaid advertisement that will push his ObamaCare and not allow any opposing comments. Another example of patent totalitarianism rears its ugly head.

Note: We are so close to all the time all-Obama “Big Brother Television that it hurts. What little soul the former mainstream media and its members (now Obama’s State-run media and proselytizers) had left has been willingly given over to the dictator. State-run media (consisting of the alphabet networks) will continue to refuse to report the truth about the usurper. The illusion of power is a strong aphrodisiac.

Even the calls and emails from We-the-People to our elected representatives no longer have any effect. In favor of totalitarianism and their own personal profits and power gains, they no longer care what we want. This is what happens when tyranny takes charge and is not challenged. If the usurper continues to wield his scepter as a club, we might just look at what is currently happening on the streets of Tehran for our own future. Think tyranny can’t happen in the USA? Please remove your blinders. It’s already occurring.

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