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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  August 2, 2009

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Obama’s Anti-Human Programs almost complete

Although I’ve written about portions of this in the past, I think they just might bear some reinforcement. Since before the beginnings of his reign over the American people (during the fateful 2008 presidential campaign that resulted in our current Usurper and Dictator in Chief), Obama said that he would reduce the power of the Executive Branch. His exact words were: “The biggest problems that we're facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that's what I intend to reverse when I'm president of the United States." Hmm. First of all, during President Bush’s Administration Congress had him on a short leash. With Obama and his “servant legislators,” decreasing their tyrant’s power simply isn’t being challenged. Instead, their Usurper and Dictator-in-Chief is being given unprecedented power to defeat and destroy We-the-People’s Constitution. And they are affecting it with breakneck speed.

Lies and More Lies

As with most of Obama’s statements, then and now, he lied and lies to both win and gain power and control over We-the-People and our wealth--which he then “redistributes” to himself, his closest adherents and the countries of his choice. Suffice it to say, Obama has pulled out all the stops to increase and expand his power as fast as possible--before we peons can discover what he and his Party’s sycophant tools are actually doing. Note: By the way, for those who voted for Obama that means ‘before the stupid little people can figure out what I’ve done I’ll have everything they own or ever hope to own’! And, as I’ve written before, Obama is now regularly and with increased and growing intensity and purpose dismissing the Legislative branch of government in favor of making all but the most minor of decisions himself. All tyrants seize power from the other branches of their respective governments.

Note: With the exception of his “Town-Hall-show-and-publicity-stunt-only-tours“, Obama has already also thrown the American people (AKA proletariat, mob, masses or hoi polloi) under his gargantuan tyrannical bus.

ObamaPower Insatiable

In favor of growing his insatiable power (all leftists are like this--just look to the domination over the people wrought by Josef Stalin and Adolph Hitler), humans are no longer important; in fact they have become a problem. Obama’s Cap and Trade (or ObamaCon and Tax) and his current Health Crimes Bill (which actually does purport and call for thinly-disguised rationing for and euthanasia of the “elderly--those in their 60s and older--and government abortion funding for the babies who are on the other end of the spectrum) both confiscate power and money from the now US newly-poor and redistributes them to Obama and his chosen elite. Obama’s Health Crimes Bill demands a “public option.”

Public Option No Option at All

Note: Do not be fooled. This is no option. ObamaCare will destroy private health care and its plan--if passed and implemented--will allow an already bloated on unprecedented power ObamaGov to roll over and crush private insurance company programs. ObamaCare doesn’t need to make a profit. It can and will kill and destroy everything in its way--including we humans. As soon as all private healthcare plans are destroyed, ObamaCare will move to ration all health care. Only those chosen by Obama, his Czars and their committees will be allowed health care. The not so lucky others will die. It’s as simple and terrifying as that.

ObamaCare Anti-Human

ObamaCare is patently anti-human and will also destroy what is left of our country. It gives the government power over everything you do. But, what would you expect from the tyrant who appointed anti-human Science Czar John Holdren--an individual who calls for the end of traditional families in favor of government taking them over? Holdren also calls for then end to his termed “pronatalist [pro-birth] societies” in favor of allowing only two children per family--if that. Holdren and his co-authors of the radical book “Ecoscience” call for the total reversal of US policies beginning with the destruction of the family as Holdren writes: “As United States taxpayers know, income tax laws have long implicitly encouraged marriage and childbearing. Such a pronatalist bias of course is no longer appropriate. In countries that are affluent enough for the majority of citizens to pay taxes, tax laws could be adjusted to favor (instead of penalize) single people, working wives, and small families. Other tax measures might also include high marriage fees, taxes on luxury baby goods and toys, and removal of family allowances where they exist. Other possibilities include the limitation of maternal or educational benefits to two children per family.” This is the same John Holdren who said that even after a child is born it is not human until its socialized--that could be up to 2 years or even more--dependent upon the assessment of the government. No longer are liberals and leftists saying that a child is not a human being at its conception but, now an ObamaCzar is saying that a child is not human until the State says it is! We are no longer on the path to Socio-fascism. We are there.

Holdren is merely one typical example of the anti-human Obama Administration. Obama’s Health Czar, Nancy-Ann DeParle, is a proponent of “partial” abortion. Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is pro-abortion and has been called rabidly so.

Humans Begin Standing UP

Humans (AKA WE-the-People) across our country are finally beginning to stand up against the ObamaTyranny and liberal and leftist lawmakers are beginning to complain about it; as they too conduct Town Hall meetings in their home districts. ObamaTyranny’s Cap ’N Con N’ Tax punishes us for wanting to be warm in the winter, cool in the summer and have light to see by in the dark. ObamaCare takes what’s left of our money and reduces humans to chattel--to be bought, sold, allowed to live or forced to die on the whims of a dictator and his followers. For you who voted for Obama, did you really think you were voting for your own slavery?

This is not the time to rest from our labors but, is most definitely the time to increase them. Regardless of their political party, tell your Congressional Reps and Senators “we’re mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” This can be accomplished by calling their offices, their homes, emailing them, quickly writing and sending snail-mail letters and increasing our protests at Town Hall meetings and the streets. With those and God’s help, together we can take back our freedoms and liberties before they have been inexorably taken from us. If we do not and these programs are put into place, we’re proverbial toast--as both a country and a people. From now on, when it comes to Obama and his minions just say NO!

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