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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  August 14, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

Obama Steps Up War Against America and We-the-People

Obama has made it crystal clear that he intends to control and limit the American populace. He is establishing his own pre-crimes division (watch the video-link below). Ostensibly, this is only for terrorists (the same ones to whom he recently gave US Constitutional rights?). But, with Obama’s recent tirades against the American people and his SEIU goons beating up those protesting their own imprisonment and demise via ObamaCare, I strongly doubt it. Then, through his DHS Chief Janet Napolitano arbitrarily waving her hands against existing US law with her statement "We are not going to sit by at the Department of Homeland Security and wait for a change in the laws. We’re going to enforce the laws that are, but we can reform what we’re doing as we wait for reform in the law, and that is exactly what’s going on” he reinforces his ’we won’t follow any law if we don’t like it and it doesn’t serve my purpose’. This is called an ObamaWar tactic used in the strategy of…drip by drip…removing liberty and freedom from the American people.

ObamaWar against Common Sense

Note: Napolitano says that the ObamaAdmin won’t wait for the laws to change, but…then they will enforce the laws on the books…but they won’t really because they won’t “sit by at DHS and wait for a change in the laws.” Napolitano has now officially earned he Ph.D in Double, Triple, Quadruple ObamaTalk. Congratulations, Jan! This is called ObamaWar against common sense.

ObamaWar Against our Solvency

Obama’s first “stimulus package” stimulated nothing and no one save Obama, his now nationalized banks and his adherents. And whence did this “stimulus” money come? Answer: From the American taxpayer, of course. The lion’s share of the first ObamaStimulus (about 90%) has not even been spent and the ObamaAdmin refuses to tell us what it has done or is doing with the rest our money. And, guess what? One of our Dictator-in-Chief’s economists--Laura Tyson--says he should steal even more money from us with, yet, another stimulus package. Holy smokes!

Our tyrannical ruler is, also, pushing hard to instill his Cap ’N Tax bill that will do nothing to help the environment but, will do EVERYTHING to continue Obama’s planned bleeding of We-the-People’s money. The increase in electrical rates will be extreme and even Obama said--prior to his selection as POTUS--”under my plan of a Cap and Trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” This is an ObamaWar tactic used to remove more money from We-the-People, in order to bring us to our forced-dependent knees.

ObamaWar Against our Bodies, Minds and Children

That takes us to ObamaCare, which will--in fact--do little to nothing to affect health care reform. Per H.R. 3200 (aka ObamaCare) it will, however (amongst hundreds if not thousands of other similar Imperial dictates) eliminate private health insurance (P 16, lines 3-26), ration health care (P 29, lines 4-16), government committee denial of health care (P 30), direct and mandatory government access to US citizen’s private bank accounts (P 59, lines 21-24), inclusion of illegal immigrants (PPS 50-51), mandatory death planning (PPS 425-430) and actor and conservative columnist Chuck Norris notes that P 838 of this terrifying-to-humans bill provides for mandatory “home visitations” from ObamaAdherents in order to tell couples with children how they must raise their children. It was the Communist Lenin who said “Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever!” These are only a few examples of this draconian and Orwellian bill. This is ObamaWar waged against the elderly, your ability to store away any and all “nest eggs,” ALL of your choices and even your ability to raise your own children the way you wish.

ObamaWar Against American’s Free Speech

And now, any and all of us who oppose or even question ObamaCare are being called “Nazis” (by Obama’s Speaker of the House Democrat Pelosi, are told to SHUT UP by Dictator-in-Chief Obama and now this same Obama has sent out his SEIU Rent-A-Thugs to beat up the opposition at Town Hall meetings. This man is no US President, folks. He is a despot. He has also arranged for multiple multi-million dollar campaigns to push his patently damaging to all Americans (except he and his family and his friends, Congress and multiple Union employees who will NOT be subject to this fetid bill) message on ObamaCare in a series of television advertisements. This is ObamaWar against We-the-People on so many fronts that it’s hard to keep up with it!

Although many Congress people are no longer beholden to their constituents but only to Obama have decided to cancel their townhall meetings, please keep on attending the ones still being held. With Obama’s declared all-out war against the American people, his now-in-freefall descending approval ratings and members of Congress running from us it’s obvious that they are feeling the heat of our dissent. Let’s keep it up and give them no quarter. It’s time to take our country back from all of those--regardless of political party--who would continue to enslave us. The liberty movement is finally on the move. Keep it going and growing, folks! If we fail, all of us will be owned by the new Overseer Class in Washington D.C.

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: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jifjRVLVjzA

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