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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  August 20, 2009

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Obama’s Congress Vows Forceful Takeover of American People Imminent

Since the 2006 Congressional elections--when leftist Democrats took over the majority of both the US House of Representatives and Senate--the dye was cast for the takeover of the lives of the American people. Then, the Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama was placed into the office of the presidency. At that point, the Democrats had two of the three branches of government in their greased pockets. Obama vowed to push all of his Socio-fascist programs through, despite any and all opposition. And he and his minions are now pushing as hard and as fast as they can. The current forceful pushes are firmly against the American people.

Beginnings of Takeover--Part 1

The US “economic failure” began with the 2008 15 September $550B electronic run on US banks. By the way, this $550B disappeared--never to be heard from again. The ObamaMedia--which include every alphabet network--reported virtually nothing on this. Even at the time, this manufactured bank run seemed patently obvious as a weapon to elect Obama to the highest post in the US, if not the world. As of today, there is still no reported information as to who affected the run. Note: We already know that if a Republican or conservative group had affected it, the press would be all over the story.

Intermediate Takeover--Part 2

Due to the run on the banks--ostensibly to cause the US bank failures which materialized on paper--a new “perception” began to arise within the country. This led largely to the first $700B “stimulus” (aka Troubled Assets Relief Program or TARP) package. Under the now Democrat-run Congress, the first fake stimulus bill was signed by President Bush in November 2008. Then, after the January 2009 crowning of Obama as leader-of-the-land, Obama & Co (with no input from the American people) issued his first major $789B (which grew to over $1Trillion) “stimulus-for-me-but-not-for-thee” decree to the US citizenry. He also effectively nationalized US banks and placed them under his control. This included the reality that the American taxpayer--who has still not benefited from said stimulus--would fund the first of many major Obama follies. And, via the edict of the dictator and his paid adherents--it was done.

Beginnings of Forced Takeover--Part 3

As was to be expected from those who beg to be corrupted, our political leaders who were not content with the theft of US citizens’ money via their phony “stimulus” bills, began writing additional and growing greed and power legislation to further intimidate and take over the American people. Thus, Obama brought forth to his land his Cap ’N Tax (aka Cap and Trade) bill. Note: Although Cap and Trade was pushed as a bill to help the environment, it does nothing of the sort. Instead, it is one more way the ObamaAdmin will use to further bleed the people of their resources and cause them to be less mobile (aka the beginnings of the new US slavery of all but ObamaSupporters). Projections from some economists suggest the increase in electricity rates to the average US family could exceed $4,000/year. Shoving it down our throats against our will is forced.

End Plan for Forced Takeover--Part 4

ObamaCare--Obama and the Democrats patently non-health care bill--has been and is increasingly being protested by the American people. The House version HR 3200 contains language that demands end of life counseling by a committee assigned by the dictator and/or his staff--see page 425 of the House bill. This same bill also requires access to US citizens’ personal bank accounts and gives the government the “right” to take whatever funds it thinks citizens owe it (See page 59). It also calls for rationing of health care (page 29) and outlaws private insurance after ObamaCare is passed into law (Page 16)--no, you will NOT be able to keep your private health insurance. These are only a few of the items that are actually contained in the House ObamaCare bill. And the response We-the-People receive from our elected leaders? Some of these include “you’re evil mongers!’ (Sen. Harry Reid D-NV), “they’re carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare” (Nancy Pelosi D-CA) and although we continue to quote chapter and verse of HR 3200 Sen. Specter (D-PA) says it is “simply not true.” In other words, our “leaders” are asking the old cliché question “are you gonna’ believe us or your lyin’ eyes?”

Hmm. Well, most of us believe what’s written in the bill. We don’t like it. Therefore, we have been opposing--often vocally as our political leaders are no longer listening to us--the heinous and patently anti-human government-run ObamaCare. And as his poll numbers also continue to plummet (rumor is that Obama has “guaranteed” his reelection if he pushes Stalinistic ObamaCare through), Sen. Majority leader Reid has threatened to change the Senate rules (reconciliation) to only require a majority of votes (51) instead of the required 60. Reid--like Pelosi before him--has now thrown down his gauntlet at the feet of the American people. And like Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) said earlier this week “I will vote adamantly against the interests and opinions of my district if I actually think what I’m doing will be helpful,” Reid now appears to be saying My interests are the ones that are important--not those of the American people!

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely “--Lord Acton. Again, shoving anything down our throats against our will is forced.

End Game--Almost?

Finally, in one of the most Stalinistic moves yet from the ruling Democrat Party, California Democrat Henry Waxman is demanding that all of the major health insurance companies give him and his newly formed potential-purge-of-all-competing-with-the-government-private-health-insurance-companies investigating committee every possible piece of information on everything the company has done, who it has hired, what they have paid their employees, where they vacation etc. etc. etc. Suffice it to say, as We-the-People want to keep our private health insurance the government now plans to shut them all down. Is this legal? Probably not. Does it even matter if it’s legal if no one fights it? No. Are these the people you want running the country and ruling you? Do you care if you are a slave or free?

What we can do

Finally, a march on Washington D.C. against the repressive and draconian ObamaCare is planned. The march is headed up by Dick Armey’s group FreedomWorks and is scheduled for 12 September. See the below link for details. If you’re able to attend--PLEASE DO SO. It could very well mean your continuing survival.

As I’ve written before and will continue to write for as long as allowed, if we do not fight for our freedom we will surely lose it. It’s just that simple. We-the-People are the ones meant to govern this country and it’s almost past time that we take it back. After all, it belongs to us!

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We’ll March on Washington Against Obamacare:


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