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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  August 26, 2009

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Dems Call for ObamaCare Renamed as Kennedy Health Bill

In order to place a tearful face on ObamaCare and more easily ram it down the throats of the American people, Democrats are planning to elicit sympathy over the recent death of Uber-leftist Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). Some months ago Rush Limbaugh was one of, if not the, first to say that in order to push through the draconian, anti-life and anti-human ObamaCare the death of Kennedy might serve the Democrats well. He also said that the Orwellian bill would be used by the Obama Administration to help shove it through--without the support of the American people. Do you remember head ObamaAdvisor Rahm Emanuel’s statement: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”? Well, this is but, another example. Kinda’ like passing ObamaCare, Rahm?

Note: Lest you think I’m being unduly cynical or unfairly labeling liberals and leftists “calculating,” “manipulative” and “devious” the renaming of the anti-babies, anti-disabled, anti-anyone-who’s-sick and anti-elderly ObamaCare was today proposed by Senator Byrd (D-WV). Byrd called for the official renaming of ObamaCare to the Kennedy healthcare bill. Of course it won’t hurt Byrd or anyone else in Congress as neither they nor Kennedy gave up (or will give up) their premium healthcare. Only We-the-Peons will be forced to partake of and be subject to (emphasis on the use of subject--which is what we now are under the dictator) ObamaCare’s rationing, removing all options save “government-run,” death panels (although the ObamaTalkers say “there are no death panels” our veterans of war would probably tend to disagree), government ’right’ to enter yours and my private bank accounts and remove our money etc.

The increasingly unpopular in even his own state Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and many other Democrat US Senators--including Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)--are increasingly threatening the use of the Senate’s “Reconciliation” measure. This is a measure that was and is to be used solely for budgetary items. However, as the Democrat-run Senate cannot even secure 60 votes for ObamaCare from their side of the aisle, Democrat “leaders” have decided to illegally use Reconciliation--to require only 51 votes.

Note: Anyone who cannot see that we have quickly become slaves to Congress and will soon (after all of his Secret Police and ObamaCzars are in place-100 Czars? More?) be sold to Dictator-in-Chief Obama are either deaf and blind or shut their eyes and have their hands covering their and are shouting “Nyah, nyah--I can’t HEAR you!”

Currently, two of the three fellow founders of the violent terrorist group Weather Underground--Bill Ayers and Jeff Jones--are acting, in one way or another, as ObamaAdvisors. There have even been suggestions that Jeff Jones and the Apollo Alliance (which is also a partner of ACORN) wrote major portions of the ObamaStimulus (Apollo Alliance has claimed that it did) and may very well have worked to formulate the Hitlerian and Stalinist-inspired ObamaCare. Avowed Communist and self-proclaimed “radical revolutionary” ObamaCzar Van Jones worked with Jeff Jones. Jeff Jones is also a director of the radical Apollo Alliance which wants to stop US citizens (but ONLY We-the-Peons) by gutting our economy and killing our jobs (think ObamaStimulus) and driving up prices of energy so that we will no longer be able to afford it. Prior to his election Obama even admitted it! Question: Will the government now provide classes on How to Make Fire? Is this also a fact that was hidden in the first ObamaStimulus?

This is what was elected, folks--a Socio-fascist dictator that is currently installing the most radical individuals and elements in history into the government of the USA. These are those the Tyrant Obama has chosen to help him bleed the rest of the lifeblood from the country--and subjugate We-it-People.

Please keep protesting at townhall meetings and begin marching--en masse--on the streets of your major cities and in Washington D.C. if you can. If the ObamaTeams begin their all out attacks against us, this may be our last chances for peaceful protests. Godspeed.

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