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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  September 4, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

Is MA Storm Trooper bill a Test Case for Obama Takeover?

The “each-and-every-day-ObamaAtrocities” are being waged against We-the-People with increasing and unwavering intensity. Now it seems that Obama and his minions are looking at, if not also planning to use the ruse of, a state bill pertaining to the H1N1 (“Swine flu”) virus (concocted in one of if not the most leftist of US states--Massachusetts) as a test case for additional forced subjugation of the American people. Note: Obama is already attempting multiple national bills--including but not limited to ObamaCare and Cap ‘N Tax--to do so.

Massachusetts’ ‘Pandemic Act of 2009’ (st02028) is making its way through that state’s legislature. Contained in the bill are stipulations that can truly be described as draconian and Orwellian--two descriptive words that apply more and more each and every day to those administrators of ObamaLand. For our leftist ‘friends’: Don’t think so? Well…let’s take a look, shall we?

Line 84 jumps right in to “restrict or prohibit the assemblages of persons.” No more constitutionally protected right to assemble, kids. On lines 217-228 of Massachusetts’ Pandemic [and Subjugation] Act of 2009, references which pertain to authorities learning of a case of “a reported disease or health condition--or suspicious event [wonder what that is?]--advise that he or she shall immediately notify the State Police.“ Hmmm.

Questions and Observations: Why the State Police? Shouldn’t “he or she” notify a health department first? And what ARE these “suspicious events”? Doesn’t sound to me as if they even have to relate to disease.

On line 240 a fine of $1,000 against anyone who should have reported the above is addressed. Then, on lines 351-360 of Section 95 it states that whenever the appropriate authorities determine there is a “disease or condition dangerous to the public health” the “owner or occupier of the premises” MUST permit entry and “the investigation of the premises.” Then, lines 382-383 advise the occupants of the targeted premises that if he, she or they do not allow entry “law enforcement authorities” shall provide enforcement of the court order. Note: One surmises and perceives that the Massachusetts’ courts will be inundated with these court orders. Or, considering the leftist if not Marxist status of Massachusetts and its “leaders”, are there already pre-signed court orders that include allowed forced police entry ready to go?

Let’s face it folks. If this Act passes in Massachusetts, Obama will work to quickly implement a similar one throughout the country. We are looking more and more like Orwell’s dark vision of the future presented in his novel 1984. But, the terrifying fact and truth is that it is no longer fiction and Orwell’s future appears to now be here.

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