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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  September 5, 2009

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No ObamaCare--No Trigger!

As it is now painfully obvious even to the politically and otherwise unaware leftists, Marxist and Alinsky-inspired ObamaCare has little to nothing to do with healthcare. It does however, have everything to do with Obama’s and Leftists’ control. In previous columns, I’ve identified--by page and line number--the almost endless non-healthcare and pro-government planned implementation of controls against We-the-People. But, I’ve included a few that are notable and still contained in HR 3200. Of course these are the opposite of what our Dictator-in-Chief tells us but, what else is new?

1. Government and IRS MANDATORY access to your private bank accounts, so that they will have the ability to take what little is left of yours and my money (Page 59, lines 21-24)

2. Home visits from government officials to check on whether or not you’re raising your children the way in which the ObamaState allows (page 844)

3. ObamaCare mandated for ALL residents in US--including illegal aliens (Pages 50-51)

4. Automatic CANCELLATION and outlawing of private healthcare when ObamaCare goes into effect (Page 16)

Prior to many of us reading HR 3200, there was so much hidden in it that it literally boggled the mind. And, of course, that was the reason Obama, his minions and the Marxist-run US House of Representatives wanted to push it through before We-the-People had the chance to read it--as they did with the first “Stimulus” bill, another ObamaControl bill that stimulated no one save the ObamaFavored. The ObamaStimulus also funded the ObamaVoterFraud unit ACORN with $5.2Billions. And then--as if our current Marxist-run government wasn’t enough--there is another founder of the terrorist Weather Underground Jeff Jones and anti-white race (’environmentalist whites are poisoning blacks’ and “only suburban white kids shoot up schools”--hmmm, wonder if he‘s ever read newspapers), self-proclaimed Communist, radical Black Nationalist and 9/11 “truther” ObamaCzar Van Jones who wrote portions--if not all--of Obama’s Stimulus package. As we have recently seen, Obama, his growing number of appointees (aka ObamaCzars) and the SEIU ObamaThugs are Marxist, anti-capitalist and anti-American. Now, per Van Jones, they are also apparently anti-white folk. And these are who and what are occupying the White House--that’s OUR house! These are also the ones who are bent upon passing ObamaCare and Cap and Trade to even further enslave all of us.

Now, as ObamaCare has become a lightning rod amongst the exponentially growing number of opposing American people, Obama is still bent upon our enslavement to him and his advisors. However, he and the New Marxist Party (formerly know as the US Democrat Party)--and at least one liberal and firm RINO Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME)--are kicking around an idea for attempting to fool us again. The new Con? It’s called “the Trigger.” What this essentially means is that the government “option” (which we already know is no option at all) will be temporarily removed from ObamaCare. Then Obama and his adherents will place severe and uncompromising restrictions on the healthcare insurance companies that will mandate they provide services for everyone and not raise their rates to the consumers.

As there is no way that any company can reduce rates while increasing services and adding millions of new clients (unless it plans to go out of business), insurance companies will not be able to comply. That’s when the invidious ObamaCare and all-government-control of everything you do and will ever do is slammed back into the program. The insurance companies’ inability to obey Obama and the dictates of the New Marxist Party will “trigger” the re-inclusion of the government-run insurance clause--replete with all of the ObamaControls placed upon We-the-People. None of this is remotely acceptable to a free people. Heck, it isn’t even acceptable to the slaves they want us to become!

It has now become extraordinarily obvious that We-the-People have to track every single bill Obama tries to ram down our throats and to vet every single one of his appointees. No one else is minding the store and most of our legislators on both sides of the aisle have become almost useless. But, please bear in mind, the running of our government--and even allowing it to exist at all--has been our job all along. And like it or not, it’s time to go back to work and clean house. If the current Executive and Legislative Branch squatters won’t leave--we’ll sweep ’em out! And don’t forget our new mantra: “No ObamaCare…No Trigger!”

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