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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  September 10, 2009

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Obama to Gut Medicare to pay for ObamaCare Folly

Saying that he would not reduce services to senior citizens Medicare programs, Obama then went on to say he would. The double-minded, double-speaking man stuck again Wednesday night to push his ObamaCare in a speech to both houses of Congress. Obama said he would find $400 Billions in Medicare “waste and fraud” (others say it will be $600 Billions that will be stolen from Medicare and placed into ObamaCare). Suffice it to say, this is specious at best and a blatant and uncompromising lie at its worst--or actually at its center of truth.

If it were not a lie--and Obama knows without reservations that there are between $400-600 Billions of “fraud and waste” in Medicare--why not fix said problems now? And if he knew about them, why hasn’t Obama already assigned an ObamaCommittee to get to the bottom of this? Why does the gutting of Medicare (and it IS gutting folks) have to be tied to the funding of ObamaCare? Is this part of Obama’s Marxist “redistribution of wealth” where he will take from seniors and give to his favored? Another ObamaSpeech appears to bring another inevitable ObamaLie--or set of lies.

The truth is--if one has listened to Obama’s over 100 speeches addressing his pet Marxist-control-of-all-the-people project--that Obama fully intends to limit services to those over 55 years of age. Note: If ObamaScienceCzar Holdren has his way, the age requirement for rationing will most likely drop to 44.

During his Wednesday night speech, Obama also continued to address those who “misrepresented” and “told lies” about ObamaCare. As We-the-People seem to be the only ones who have actually read HR 3200--the only ObamaCare program-in-print now available to us--and have told the truth about it, it is he and his minions who are “misrepresenting” (aka lying) about it. He then blamed the opposition Republicans (I think we may still have a few of these worth saving) for not presenting any input. Another ObamaLie was unearthed as Republicans held up their healthcare reform package HR 3400.

Obama also hinted at using the so-called ‘nuclear option’ (“reconciliation”) to force ObamaCare down our throats--in abject opposition to the desires of and orders from the American people.

But, Obama does not work for the American people.

Now, he is going to spend--at least--the next several days continuing to “reinforce” his speech with a new series of ObamaAlerts on television channels. If not before, there appears to be no depth to which this being will not sink.

To top all of this off, it was revealed on video tape today on FNC that Obama’s voter-fraud unit ACORN is involved in setting up brothels for under-age prostitutes and advises on how to bypass the law and lie to the IRS! ACORN counsels Obama and is given billions of dollars in funding from the US government taxpayers.

Again, please keep up the fight, folks. We have to get rid of all of those who are also fighting to destroy all of us--and now they have become unprecedentedly arrogant and vicious about it.

ACORN Officials Videotaped Telling 'Pimp,' 'Prostitute' How to Lie to IRS:


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