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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  September 13, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

Mr. Obama We Have now asked you Nicely but Firmly

Mr. Obama: As you flew quickly toward your counter-demonstration (avoiding the increasing crowds of the American people) stacked with only your supporters, in order to further push your anti-American and anti-human ObamaCare agenda, we were gathering in the streets of our now commandeered-by-you White House.

As we 1.2-2 Millions strong Americans lined the streets of Washington D.C. and many hundreds of thousands more of us in state capitols on Saturday, you spoke to a hand-picked crowd of between 10-15,000 in Minnesota. Where you continue to tell us that your planned and now attempted implementation of the death and destruction of our country and We-the-People is good for us, we have finally said nicely but, firmly “stop and listen to us!”

You have told us you will have your appointed Czars instead of elected representatives who will run our nation. And your power--as well as that of your unelected Czars--is growing exponentially. We say NO!

You told us that our US Constitution is not enough for you, when you said that it only says what the government can’t do to We-the-People, not what it CAN do to them. You want to change it by adding your own ‘bill of government rights’. We say leave our Constitution alone!

You have told us that violent Islamist thugs, who are actively working to destroy America, have Miranda rights but, have told We-the-People who oppose you that we are “extremists and terrorists” and your Obama-controlled DHS has advised our state and local police forces to be on the lookout for us. Then, you used our taxpayer dollars to create a US government website where you ‘encouraged’ our neighbors and liberal/leftist activists to “rat” on us and our anti-ObamaCare views. We say leave us alone!

You have told us that the majority opinion in OUR country no longer matters to you if we do not agree with your draconian policies. You have told us, despite the growing opposition from Democrats, Republicans and Independents to your gutting our economy with your ObamaCare, Cap and Trade and “stimulus” packages (which only stimulate you, your masters and your adherents), that you will ram them down our throats. You have appointed people to your growing list of ObamaCzars who tell us human life is no more important than the life of any other living thing (Obama Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein) and may actually be less important, a baby is not a human until it reaches ‘around 2 years of age’ and abortions should be able to be performed until then (via your Science Czar John Holdren), a Green Czar who is an avowed Marxist, black nationalist and believes (and even signed a document espousing that belief) that President Bush was complicit in the 9/11 slaughter and have appointed as your “FCC Diversity Czar” (to shut down conservative talk radio) Mark Lloyd who speaks almost glowingly of the genocide of the Tutsis by the Hutus via the Hutus using state-run media to spread lies about them. On Lloyd’s video, it sounds strongly and decidedly as if genocide may not be out of the question for those in the USA who oppose you. We say enough is enough!

Again sir, we are saying firmly but, nicely “stop your dismantling of our country.” And despite your state-run media’s attempts to lessen us, our numbers and our cause, you know how many of us there truly are. We are peaceful now. But, if history proves to be a factor in predicting the future, all tyrants are eventually overthrown--most of them in a very unambiguously “unpeaceful“ way.

Please think carefully about your next counter move. In the end, good will defeat evil. But, We-the-People of the United States plan to bring it about--in our area--sooner. We-the-People will not be controlled by a despot and persecutor. Had you been born in the USA, perhaps you might better understand.

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Sher Zieve

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