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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  October 12, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

Obama Receives Nobel for Being Marxist President

With very few exceptions, for decades the inaptly named Nobel ‘Peace Prize’ has been bestowed upon the anti-human amongst us; most notably terrorists and Marxists. This award has become a tool of the world’s leftist ruling-elite ranks to be given to those who are the most corrupt of us. Note: Leftists love dishonesty and those who get away with perpetrating it upon others. These are the beings they idolize. They view corruption and treachery as a pleasant and invigorating game of deceiving and ultimately destroying their fellows.

In the past, however, no matter how heinous were the deeds of the recipients (Yassar Arafat comes readily to mind), there were still some of those deeds by which the Nobel Committee could judge them. No more. With the advent of Barack Hussein Obama as the US’ dictator-in chief, the Nobel group decided to throw away any last vestiges of its substance and value to anyone by giving the award to the US presidential usurper. And Obama’s receipt of this once-but-long-ago valued prize was voted on a mere 11 days after he took office--before he had even begun the behaviors that would exhibit his atrocities. But, the NPP committee has indicated that this now-dubious “prize” was given to the dictator in order to encourage him to continue his suppressive promises and ways toward dismantling the United States of America in favor of a Marxist government. And in his first months of leading the country over a cliff and into an apparently almost bottomless pit, Obama has done precisely that. Foreign entities are now firmly in control of the USA. Note: In any sane society, this type of action--and those who perpetrate it--would be immediately stopped. But, tragically, the world’s liberals and leftists no longer maintain even a semblance of normalcy.

If the USA falls to Marxist oppression--and with all of Obama’s Marxist anti-human Czars seemingly replacing or at least mirroring cabinet positions and the leftist-run Congress now seizing their personal power over that of We-the-People it appears that it soon will--democracies and republics worldwide will fail and fall. The long bastion of freedom and hope--the United States of America--will no longer be in existence to fight for liberties and against the subjugation of tyrants waging wars against vulnerable countries. We have already seen it in the Obama Administration’s support of would-be dictator and former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya who is attempting to seize absolute control of Honduras. Dictators Barack Obama, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez all support Zelaya over the Honduran people and their legal Constitution. Birds of a feather, folks--birds of a feather. We are known by the company we keep and support.

So, all in all, Obama’s being awarded the NPP shouldn’t really come as a surprise. The Nobel “peace” prize continues to be awarded to those who bring iron-fisted control over their societies--not peace. But that’s what the ruling elite want--stable suppressed peoples so that these elite can do what they will without fear of reprisal. No matter how corrupt and perverse these elite become there will no longer be the strong and free society of the USA to stop them. This award’s recipient makes perfectly logical sense.

Sher Zieve

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