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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  October 14, 2009

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Obama’s Eve of Destruction

At this juncture, I think it safe to observe that neither our Legislative nor Executive branches of government are listening to We-the-People and have no intention of doing so now or in the foreseeable future. Obama plans to destroy us as quickly and completely as is possible. The obvious to-all-who-can-see-and-hear measure of the man Obama was evident long before his election. And after his election to the highest position in the USA--if not the world--his damaging rule and mission has become even more apparent. Obama’s eve of destruction has arrived.

Despite our approximately 1.7 millions turnout at the 12 September march on Washington D.C., the pro-Obama and Marxist media coverage (only one cable channel--FNC--really reported on it) under-reported the attendance in ludicrous measure, Obama quickly left town to attend a rally of his supporters (in order to avoid the growing opposition of the American people to his policies) and most of the members of an increasingly Marxist-run Congress refused to even comment on it. Of those liberals who did comment, most of these said the 1+ millions in attendance ‘were not indicative of the population as a whole‘. This was and remains their attitude despite virtually all polls showing the majority of the American people are not in favor of Obama’s proposed legislations and Marxist agenda.

This summer liberal Congress members were bombarded by the public with questions about ObamaCare that it appeared only the questioners had read. Due to the probing and sometimes unrelenting questions from their much more educated constituencies, with some exceptions (most notably liberal Senators Claire McCaskill D-MO and John McCain R-AZ) many liberal US Congressional Reps and Senators either canceled any scheduled remaining Town Hall meetings or decided not to hold them at all. During the ObamaCare and Obama Cap & Tax debacles it also became even clearer to the American people that not only would Obama’s promise of transparency in his administration not be upheld, just the opposites would be practiced. And it began only a few days after Obama took office. Obama had promised “We will publish all non-emergency legislation to the website for five days, and allow the public to review and comment before the President signs it.” Then he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, allowing no public review whatsoever, one day after Congress had sent it to him.

Further disregarding the will of the American people, on 13 October the Senate Finance Committee passed their version of ObamaCare out of committee and have now gone behind closed doors (with no Republicans invited or involved) to make changes and additions to their proposal. The American people are, also, not invited even to know what they will add or delete. This is called “ObamaTransparency.” However, to add insult to injury, Democrat and Uber-leftist Sen. Charles Schumer told Fox News’; Bill Hemmer Wednesday that those heads of healthcare companies who oppose government-run ObamaCare will now have the loaded gun barrels of the US government aimed directly at those heads. No one dare oppose Obama and the leftist ruling elite!

We Americans are now entering the bondage phase of our existence. And we are to be in slavery to those we elected to represent us and our will! We-the-People are witnessing our own--not Obama and the Marxists‘--Eve of Destruction. And rumor has it that we will be forced to dig our own graves. Is this truly what we wanted?

Health Insurance Companies rank #86 at 3.3%:


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Schumer bears down on opposing healthcare companies:


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