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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  November 2, 2009

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CBO: ObamaCare will Cover Only 2% of US Citizens

You may have missed it, as the Obama State-run media sycophants have worked feverishly to suppress it. One of a handful of media outlets that did publish anything on it (AP) devoted only one paragraph to this extremely important piece of news. Said paragraph reads:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Congressional Budget Office estimate suggests very few Americans under the age of 65 would sign up for health insurance under the much-debated public option. The CBO found that the scaled back government plan in the House version of health care legislation couldn't overtake private insurance, with only about 2 percent of Americans under the age of 65 opting in.

This is important because it completely contradicts what Obama and the White House have been saying for months…and months. Obama has alternately quoted figures of 47 and 46 millions and, then, 30 millions who are health care uninsured in the US. Suffice it to say, none of his figures come even remotely close to the truth--and now the Congressional Budget Office (headed and staffed by Obamaites) has confirmed what many of us have known all along. Note: As of July 2008, the US population was listed as 304,059,724. 2% of that figure is just over 6 millions--not 47 or even 30! The CBO also stated that ObamaCare will be far more expensive to the consumer than is private health insurance--thus exposing yet another ObamaLie.

The new House of Representatives’ ObamaCare proposal now includes federally funded abortions (see page 110 which first states that abortions will not be allowed but a few paragraphs later says they will under “allowed public finding”--which by the way ObamaCare will now allow), gut Medicare (see page 508 which states: SEC. 1160. IMPLEMENTATION, AND CONGRESSIONAL REVIEW, OF PROPOSAL TO REVISE MEDICARE PAYMENTS TO PROMOTE HIGH VALUE HEALTH CARE. Translation: “We’re going to gut every aspect of Medicare in order to pay for the ObamaCare monster. Get used to dying fast, Seniors!”), assesses fines (aka TAXES) to private insurance companies that will be passed onto the consumer (this eliminating once and for all the government/public/consumer “option” myth), brings back the Death panels and more and more and more obscenities that Pelosi and Obama are passing off as health “care.”

In fact, there are so many Orwellian measures that have been added to this ObamaCare monstrosity that 72 hours isn’t long enough for most of us to uncover all of the dark depths to which ObamaCare now demands We-the-People be taken. As I’ve said over and over again ObamaCare is about total control of the US population‘s bodies, minds, actions and thoughts. With the implementation of ObamaCare and the dictator’s Cap and Tax bills, We-the-People will be burnt toast. All of our options for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness will be gone--once and for all. Again, ObamaCare has nothing, whatsoever, to do with health care. The fact is that Obama doesn’t care. He and his minions are bound and determined to instill and install their dark and ominous Marxist vision for the USA. Obama’s mission, all along, has been to destroy America quickly and completely so that the tyrants and terrorists of the world can prosper. As Obama will be a major player in this prosperity in the “New World Order,” while the rest of us are sickly embracing our serfdom, he doesn’t strongly care if he wins a second term as POTUS or not. He has set his eyes on what he considers to be a greater position.

If there was ever a time to mobilize the pro-human troops, it is now. The Tea Party and other organizations are already in place. If our right to vote is further denied, vandalized and corrupted by groups such as ACORN, the New Black Panthers and ACORN offshoot the “Working Families Party” our choice will be limited to one. May God be with us.

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