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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  November 12, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

Obama Continues Mad Dash towards Enslaving American People

Like Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez on steroids, US Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist-Democrat Party are continuing their fast and furious drive to enslave We-the-People and take over as the aristocratic ruling body of the former United States of America. Behind the scene and closed doors, Obama is continuing his dark mission of the ongoing takeover of all major US businesses and creating an atmosphere that will disallow small to medium sized businesses to exist. And, like his Marxist mentor Saul Alinsky, Obama despises the middle-class (they have traditionally wielded too much power for Obama to allow) as well as the USA. Therefore, Obama will continue to work towards ensuring increasing unemployment of this class so that they/we no longer have any strength at all.

Other than being a pro-Obama government-funded worker or an ObamaCzar working for his or her master, virtually no jobs have been or will be created by the Obama pretender to the throne. The country’s unemployment now stands at the state-run media figure of 10.2%. However, the real figure for those out of work nationally--even according to the leftist NY Times--is 17.5%. This is the highest unemployment figure since the Great Depression and there appears to be nothing to stop the tyrant from forcing it even higher. It is being affected on purpose by an individual and his political cronies whose mission was and is to destroy the USA by gutting its money and resources (placing it in their own and their friends’ pockets), removing the US Constitution by refusing to follow it, doing away with the freedoms inherent in the Bill of Rights, removing the companies that produce jobs so that the middle-class can no longer find work (thus making it dependent on the whims of the ObamaGov), removing the rights of humans to their own bodies and decision making with the Machiavellian ObamaCare, making it impossible to survive (except to go back to living in grass huts or caves) via Obama’s Cap and Trade proposal and, overall, removing the American way of life and placing its citizens into permanent bondage.

On top of it all, he seems to be pushing for the deaths of even more US soldiers in Afghanistan (and further demoralizing our troops) by refusing to do anything to either win in or remove our troops. Obama is also, more and more of late, praising his Muslim religion and those who practice it. After Islamic jihadist (and of all things a US Army officer) Nidal Malik Hasan summarily slaughtered 13 soldiers, wounded 38 more and yelled Allahu Akbar (meaning “God is greater [than your God]”) Obama said in no more than an aside “don’t jump to conclusions.” Huh? There is only one conclusion possible--if one follows the rules of both logic and common sense. Hasan is a terrorist. He had also had conversations with an Al Qaeda leader. And to rub salt into an already infected American wound, Obama had already appointed two devout Muslims to posts in US Homeland Security and regularly praises Ramadan while asking that a Christian cross be covered when he spoke at Georgetown University. Muslims do not like either Judaism or Christianity. In fact, they are taught by the Quran to both hate and kill Jews and Christians. And one thing they have been excellent at for hundreds of years, however, is slavery.

Are you still convinced that We-the-People can handle this takeover of everything that is [was?] American can be done peacefully? And how many US judges does Obama now control?

Unemployment stands at 17.5%:


Another Muslim Executed Massacre in the USA:


“Don’t Jump to Conclusions”:


Devout Muslims Installed in US Homeland Security:


Christian cross covered at when Obama speaks:


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