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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  December 7, 2009

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ObamaCare is NOT What We-the-People Want: Interview with President of AMAC

I recently interviewed Dan Weber, President of AMAC--the Association of Mature American Citizens--the major competitor of AARP. Since AARP's decision to go against its Senior base and support the anti-seniors (and everyone else) ObamaCare, Mr. Weber tells us of some significant membership increases at AMAC and his take on AARP's decision to support the Obama Administration and Marxist-run Congress' $500+ Billions gutting of Medicare.

Interview with President of AMAC Dan Weber:

Sher: First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Dan, you founded the Association of Mature American Citizens or AMAC in 2007. As an alternative to the American Association of Retired Persons--AARP. As AARP contributes heavily to the Democrat Party and supports most if not all of its agenda I think many of us can accurately guess as to why you did it. But, would you give us a synopsis of your thinking at the time and what you now hope to accomplish with the organization?

Dan: As a member of AARP I had noticed a change in the direction of their focus and efforts. It appeared to me they changed from being an advocate for seniors to being an advocate for a left leaning liberal political agenda. For example, in 2003 when President Bush signed the bill providing prescription Drugs under Medicare (which they supported), instead of explaining that over 3 million low income seniors now could get their medicine for free, they sponsored public meetings with Democratic congressman blasting Bush because some people would be required to make co-payments. Their publications began to look like much of the media – an attempt to brainwash the people.

What we hope to accomplish with AMAC (A-Mack), is to present a more balanced view of the issues, including conservative ideas on how to help older Americans. We feel our traditional values have stood the test of time and should not be abandoned.

Sher: With AARP’s apparent current abandonment of senior citizens in favor of accepting bestowed gifts from Obama and his administration, have you seen increased enrollment in AMAC? And how has your overall percentage of growth increased since the ObamaCare looming debacle that is planned for the American people?

Dan: We have increased our membership dramatically. Enrollments have increased by 1,000 percent! As more people become aware how harmful ObamaCare will be, we expect even more new members.

Sher: The Democrat leadership in both the House and Senate have vowed to pass ObamaCare despite the strong and vocal objections of the still-growing majority of the American people. The House has vowed to gut Medicare by $500 Billions and the Senate recently announced plans to begin their Medicare razing by cutting out a minimum of $46 Billions now used for Home Health Care for the elderly. AARP continues to support this draconian “death care” package. What is AMAC’s position statement on ObamaCare and, considering the season, doesn’t this sound like Scrooge saying “let them die and decrease the surplus population?”

Dan: AMAC’s position on ObamaCare is this: Throw the whole thing out, scrap it- don’t even amend it. As you point out, it hurts as many older Americans as they claim will be helped.

Sher: In case they hadn’t heard about it, would you share the story about AARP, Harry Belafonte and the Humanitarian of the Year award with them?

Dan: It was quite strange, almost surreal. I had just heard the news story about Harry Belafonte, who had met with, kissed and hugged Dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, calling President George W. Bush “the greatest terrorist in the world”, when I picked up an issue of the AARP magazine that I hadn’t gotten around to reading. I was shocked to see AARP had awarded Belafonte its Impact Award for doing things “to make the world a better place”. Even the staunch Democrat congressman Charles Rangel was so upset he chastised Belafonte for talking about our president in such a manner.

Sher: Tell us about AMAC, its current mission and how you plan to accomplish it.

Dan: Our main focus is to increase membership. The only way we can counter what we consider is the negative influence of AARP, is to grow to a multi million member organization. We have been told by both State and Federal elected officials that they can’t wait until we grow so that when AARP comes to lobby them saying “this is what older Americans want” they can tell AARP where to go. At the same time, we are issuing releases on our positions on issues like health care, energy and taxes.

We are using all sorts of methods to spread the word about AMAC, mailings, radio, emails, interviews like this and soon, some television.

Sher: When we talked a few days ago, you said that you’re issuing a challenge to AARP. Would you fill us in on the what and why of the dare?

Dan: Yes. We have issued a challenge to AARP to debate them on ObamaCare and why they have decided to support it, even though it hurts many of their members. We’ll let you know if we hear from them.

Sher: Thanks so much, Dan. For those who want to support AMAC and enroll can they just visit your website?

Dan: All you have to do is go to our website www.amac.us. On the site there is a place to join and become a member. It costs only $12.50 per year and that covers both member and spouse. You can enroll online using a credit card or, print a membership form and mail it in with a check. Sher, it has been a pleasure to talk with you. Hopefully, this time next year AMAC will have become a household name and ObamaCare will have been defeated.

We hope and pray he's right.

Sher Zieve

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