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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  December 20, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

Obama & Senate Christmas Present to We-the-People: Enslavement

With the phony Senator Ben Nelson’s (D-NE) vote now secured, the Senate and its tyrannical leader Barack Hussein Obama can finally move forward swiftly in its application of forced bondage upon the American people. Nelson was a pretender to pro-life and anti-abortion measures and held back his “yes” vote on the not-even-completely-written Senate version of ObamaCare until he was also offered--as were other Senators--a huge bribe (with monies from American taxpayers) to secure his being on board with the rest of the Senate’s corrupt members. Nelson’s bribe was that the federal government will--into perpetuity--cover any and all Medicaid expansion costs for the state of Nebraska. The other forty-nine states will be forced to pick up Nebraska’s portion of the bill.

Nelson had acted (with true emphasis given to that word) as the “sole conscience” pro-life holdout in the US Senate. As we now know, Nelson didn’t care about abortion in any way--whatsoever. As the others before him, he just wanted his piece of the Reid & Obama Bribe Pie. Even Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders--an avowed Socialist in the Senate--was promised a $10 Billions bribe for his vote. He, like the others before him, sold what was left of his soul for the money. And please remember, folks, this bribery is being accomplished with OUR money. Therefore We-the-People, whether we like it or not, have been made co-conspirators in the illegal and unconstitutional power play being affected by our now openly-corrupt-and-proud-of-it ‘leaders’. For decades, the US Legislative body (AKA Congress) has been utilizing unconstitutional measures to “get its way” around US laws. Its members’ arrogant response has been that they know its unconstitutional--‘so what?’ and (knowing full well this is not the way checks and balances work) they offer ‘if the judiciary wants it stopped, SCOTUS can step in and stop us’.

With the passage of the ObamaCare Death Plan--vote slated Monday--the Executive and Legislative branches of the US government will now OWN our bodies and will determine what we may and may not do with them, eat and whether or not many of us will even be allowed to live.

Note: If you didn’t vote for or don’t plan to vote for the tyrant next time, your life and the lives of your loved ones may very well be on the line. And don’t forget, Obama has no intention of increasing jobs in the private sector or even getting yours back for you. A poorer, smaller, less-educated and “victimized” population is more easily dominated and controlled by its masters.

Still think Obama’s Cap & Trade won’t pass via the same plan? That’s the bill that will make it virtually impossible for most Americans to afford electricity and Obama’s plan to permanently cripple us and keep us in servitude to him and his minions--forever. As I’ve written and said since before Dictator-in-Chief Obama was elected, in order to ensure he remains in power for an indefinite period of time, Obama and Co will push for illegals’ Amnesty. That will, also, be shoved down our throats via bribes to the Legislators. Again, these are bribes using YOUR money. Votes will no longer be important. We are now almost Venezuela-2 anyway.

Sure…you can continue to send faxes, snail mail, sign petitions, call your lawmakers, march on D.C., protest at Town Hall meetings etc. But, eventually you have to ask yourselves: Have these tactics really worked? The fact is that Congress and the Pretender-to-the-throne Obama refuse to listen. And as long as they have almost all--soon to be ALL--of our money, why would they care? The fact is that they have not cared about anything we have said or done, thus far, and their history tells us that they will not in the future. The vast majority of the American people don’t want the ObamaCare Death Plan or any of the other oppressive programs these governmental bodies are forcing upon us. So what? The “leaders” in D.C. view us as a powerless and ineffectual mob. We will be forced to pay for the ObamaCare Death Plan--or go to jail--years before any nebulous benefit is realized by the people; now correctly known as the proletariat. Congress and The Obama will pass any bills they like--whether they have read them or not--if the money and their perks are what they want. The attitude of our rulers is now firmly and overtly: “The American people and their country be damned! They work for us!”

Merry Christmas, America. You have now formally been placed into Bondage.

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