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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  December 24, 2009

Topic category:  Other/General

Marxist-Obama controlled CRS says ACORN's Criminal behaviors A-OK!

Even on Christmas Eve, the Marxist Obama Administration continues to flaunt its own ongoing illegalities by supporting and encouraging even more criminal behaviors from its friends--those who are the enemies of the American people and the United States of America. Obama’s CRS (Congressional Research Service) has decided that none of the criminal activity that ACORN has perpetrated (which on multiple videos shows ACORN not only supporting prostitution and human--even child--trafficking but, offering to help increase them) “violated the terms of federal funding in the last five years.”

However, Congress may actually move against the ACORN whistleblowers James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles. Obama is sending the strong message: ‘Don’t mess with MY criminal organizations!! If you do, you WILL be hurt’! By the way, the CRS “investigator” was hired and paid for by ACORN. How’s that for the fox guarding the henhouse?

Not only will the anti-human and anti-Christian Obama & Co slap We-the-People and in the face--again--with its passage of the Senate’s ObamaCare Death Plan on Christmas Eve but, his CRS is now saying that the Obama vote-fraud unit ACORN should now be re-funded. This will be helpful to the tyrant in both the 2010 and 2012 elections. We also presume that ACORN will be reinstated into the Census so that Democrats and their Obama will gerrymander US Congressional districts so that any opposition to the tyrant will be stopped. Do you still think the Dictator and Narcissist-in-Chief is Christian? Au Contraire.

Were you aware of some of the ornaments displayed on the official White House Christmas tree? Andrew Breitbart’s Biggovernment.com reports exclusively that ornaments displaying pictures of Mao Zedong, transvestite Hedda Lettuce and a picture of the tyrant on Mt. Rushmore. Folks, let me say again that this is an OFFICIAL White House Christmas tree displayed in the Blue Room. Obama and his Democrat “leaders” have now enslaved the American people with their totalitarian legislations and now Obama is mocking both We-the-People and our homage to God. How soon will it be before The Obama officially places itself above God? We already know that Obama has been auditioning for the position of the anti-Christ.

Obama appears to be moving into one of his final USA degradation campaigns. His behaviors are becoming increasingly bizarre and wanton. While he destroys the USA and any hope of economic recovery, he is now working to destroy us spiritually--so that only he and his anti-human forces are left. And, It’s happening out in the open for all to see. While he obliterates the USA, Obama still holds his weekly and Uber-extravagant Wednesday cocktail parties and he and his family will soon leave--with Obama’s personal and ‘journalist’ entourage--for a posh Hawaiian vacation smiling all the way. Why does he continue to smile while the USA burns? Because he is accomplishing his mission. And, thus far, very few of the opposition leaders are doing anything to stop him.

Folks, the darkness is very quickly descending upon We-the-People. It may already be too late to stop it. Obama is counting on it. And can no longer count on any of our leaders to stop this exponentially growing evil. It appears to be totally up to us. We can fight now or choose to live in perpetual bondage. The Lord Jesus Christ was born to save our souls. With God’s help, we will have to save our country. Still feeling peaceful?

Merry Christmas…

Congressional Research Service Says ACORN Didn't Break the Law, But James O'Keefe May Have:


Transvestites, Mao and Obama Ornaments decorate White House Christmas tree: http://biggovernment.com/2009/12/22/transvestites-mao-and-obama-decorate-white-house-christmas-


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