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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  January 20, 2010

Topic category:  Other/General

Massachusetts Win: Obama Vows Retaliation Against American People

First of all, on 19 January 2010 We-the-People did it! A virtually unprecedented event occurred yesterday. The almost bluest of blue states turned partially red in its senatorial election to continue the growing revolt against the totalitarian and patently Marxist/Maoists policies of the current Obama Administration in Washington D.C. The election of now-Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), the first since the reelection of Republican Senator Edward William Brooke III in 1972, was a landslide. Thank you Massachusetts and Scott Brown for a great night.

However, according to leftist leaning “news” organizations (CNN and MSNBC) covering the special election, members of the Obama Administration have said that the tyrant will NOT take this defeat lying down. The “leaked” information coming out of the White House is that Obama is now planning to (per Rachel Maddow and others) “double down” in his efforts to shove the ObamaCare Death Plan down the throats of the American people. Even Fox News’ leftist Juan Williams repeated this double-down message. Williams also said that the “majority of the American people” want health care reform. Questions: What is it about leftists that keeps them from seeing reality? Are they crazy or just hoping if the repeat their lies often enough people will actually begin to believe them? Obama appears to hope that if he keeps telling us we really want his Death Plan, we’ll buy it. After all, the constant repetition of the “big lie” worked for Adolph Hitler & Co, didn’t it?

But, last night’s election in very liberal Massachusetts proved Obama wrong. So, he is now bent upon retaliating against the Massachusetts’ voters for not voting in an Obama and totalitarianism-supporting Democrat and against the rest of us who woke up this morning feeling just a little bit better about our country, ourselves and our future. Obama and the Marxist-Democrat-run Congress are furiously and furtively working to find another clandestine way in which to shove the Obama/Democrat Death Plan down the throats of the American people; not because it’s ’good for them even if they don’t want it’ as The ObamaTyrant suggests but, because it’s the only real and viable way that Obama and his minions can establish a truly tyrannical form of government and once and for all suppress the American people.

Obama & Co will now work even harder to destroy us and our country, folks. He is intensely angry with us for daring to vote into office someone who wants to preserve--not destroy--our worship of God, freedoms and liberties and not replace them with himself. Obama is openly on the opposite aside of the American people and he will continue to fight us with his entire arsenal. To Obama, WE are the terrorists and he has told us that multiple times. The real terrorists are protected by The Obama.

Our fight to take back our country is firmly underway and--including the gubernatorial elections in both New Jersey and Virginia--we are winning. But, Obama’s “Plan B’s” include bypassing us--the electorate. He has already announced his intent to pull in the EPA to implement--via his dictatorial fiat--Cap & Tax if We-the-People balk too loudly at its congressional passage. And Obama and his adherents (Pelosi comes readily to mind) have told us that they will pass the Obama Death Plan “one way or another.” We MUST keep fighting them, with every legal means possible until these means no longer work.

Remember that the American people do NOT want the ObamaCare horror; only Obama and his Marxist-ruling class do. The bottom line is Obama and his adherents want to completely and irrevocably control the American people in everything they say and do. And We-the-People refuse to be controlled. It’s just that simple.

Let’s take a little time to enjoy our victory in Massachusetts with the “Scott heard ‘round the world.” But, then it’s on to the next battle of this--at least--2-3 more years war that ends up with the ousting of Obama, his czars and all of the rest of the anti-American and anti-human hordes. In the meantime, thanks again Massachusetts. The rest of We-the-People needed you and you came through!

Sher Zieve

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