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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  January 25, 2010

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Obama’s Washington Corruption, Criminality and Insanity Reach New Lows

The recent Senatorial election and extreme establishment upset in Massachusetts only seems to have had a marginal impact on the elitist rulers in Washington D.C. Instead of acknowledging the first election of a Republican Senator to Massachusetts’ (and this was called leftist “Sen. Ted Kennedy’s seat”) since 1972 as a demand by the people for elected officials to change their Marxist/Totalitarian course of action in the nation’s capitol, leftist Democrats are now spinning it as an election that meant “we haven’t been liberal (AKA totalitarian) enough!”

The Massachusetts’ vote was a clear referendum against ObamaCare and Obama & Co’s continuing secretive meetings to shove bribed votes and spurious legislation down the throats of We-the-People. So deciding to spin the voters’ message as ‘the people really want ObamaCare but, want the government to take it over completely’, Obama and his Dem-controlled Congress are now--yet again--talking about using their “nuclear option” to shove the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Death Plan down the throats of We-the-People.

The plan to use the previously-only-allowed-for-budgetary-proposals “reconciliation” will let the Dem-packed Senate pass the anti-healthcare bill with a simple majority, despite the will of the American people. They simply don’t care what the people have directed them to do. “Our” elected officials in D.C. are bound and determined to continue to steal from the American people so that they can increase and ensure their own ‘lifestyle levels’. It’s what totalitarian regimes ALWAYS do. They steal from the people and place their ill-gotten gains in their own fur-lined pockets. Remember, although our laws do not allow these behaviors if no one enforces them they’re non-existent.

Note: The Devil's plan is always geared towards the ruin of others, in order to allow itself to live in luxury and totalitarian rule over the subjugated humans.

If there was ever a time to get rid of all Democrat elected officials and all RINOs in D.C., it is now. As an example of the still-growing Dem insanity and after finally having memorized his Obama talking points, in a recent interview with the BBC former Vermont Governor Howard Dean said that the Massachusetts’ election simply showed that the voters were “angry with the wealthy establishment!” Huh??? Dean also said that Democrat internal polls showed that “we weren’t liberal enough.” Double Huh??? Suffice it to say, the vote reflected just the opposite. But, perhaps Dean, Reid, Pelosi and Barack “all the bad stuff is STILL Bush’s fault” Obama will continue to believe that if they just tell the lies long enough and forcefully enough--in multiple ways--they can compel the electorate into buying into them. Hmm…it hasn’t worked so far. By the way, Obama & Co has affected and will continue to affect the same forced methods for every action these community organizers perform; legality and the will of the people be damned.

Folks, we’ve begun to do our part. We’re voting out the totalitarians. But, if not before, it has now become patently obvious that our “leaders” have turned completely and without reservation against us. They plan to rule--not govern--us for as long as they can get away with it. If we allow it, we will become even more of a Stalinistic nation.

For what Stalin really did to the Russian people--instead of the sanitized and polished spin from his supporters--read “Genocide in the 20th Century Stalin’s Forced Famine 1932-1933--7,000,000 Deaths.” The problem is that all totalitarian leaders (AKA tyrants, dictators, despots etc) exterminate those they don’t want in ‘their’ countries. Some tyrants are merely worse than others.

It’s time to get the corrupt, criminal and insane factions out of government, out of office and out of our lives. We’ll do it with our votes. And, if that doesn’t work and they still refuse to go--or find a way to bypass the people’s vote again--we must get them out in (quoting Nancy Pelosi) “anyway possible.”

Retaking our country was never intended to be easy. But, we didn’t pay enough attention to what was happening and let it slide into the mud and sludge of leftist rule. But, reacquiring the USA for We-the-People is the single most important thing we can do as citizens. May God bless and support our cause of taking back our liberties and freedoms.

Video Howard Dean BBC Interview:


Genocide in the 20th Century Stalin’s Forced Famine 1932-1933--7,000,000 Deaths:


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