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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  February 10, 2010

Topic category:  Other/General

The ObamaProblem: It’s the People, Stupid!

We-the-People have protested the increasingly apparent willful destruction of our economy, jobs and careers and liberties and freedoms by the Obama Administration for many months. We have told Obama & Co--in no uncertain terms--that we want neither his totalitarian ObamaCare Death Plan nor his Cap & Tax based upon the global warming hoax; a hoax established by the Marxist elite to steal even more power and resources from the American people and ultimately the people of the world. But, even after that has been made irrefutably clear to the plundering Obama hordes--most recently hordes that are beginning to diminish somewhat--the dictator-in-chief has again begun strongly announcing that his death plan and cap and tax WILL become the law of the land despite the will of the people. Note: This is Communism folks--a governmental system that relies solely upon the will and desires of ruling elitists and one which depends upon the enslavement of an impoverished working class (AKA ‘proletariat’). And this is what Marxists do.

In order to bring about his “social change” (AKA “destruction of We-the-People”), Obama must destroy every aspect of the American way of life. Since Obama took office he, his mentors and followers have been making tremendous headway. Via a series of multi-billion-dollar faux ‘stimulus’ packages and other anti-America bills, Obama and his Democrat-run Congress have virtually bankrupted the USA. They have also placed our country firmly on the road to ending free enterprise, destroyed millions and millions of middle-class jobs (the annihilation of the middle-class in its entirety is essential to every Communist takeover plan) and are even more determined to place Americans bodies (and the subsequent decisions of life or death--contingent upon voting records) into the hands of ObamaCommissars, ObamaCzars and additional ObamaBureaucrats. But, despite the fact that both Independents and Democrats are now voting for Republican candidates in even the bluest of blue states, Dictator Obama stubbornly and inflexibly refuses to turn from his path of the demolition of the United States of America. This is what Marxist do.

Marxists simply do not believe that people are important--except as servers and supplicants to their Communist ‘betters’ and masters. That fact was graphically proven when Marxist devotee Josef Stalin ruled Russia and committed the genocide of 7,000,000--that’s 7 Millions--Ukrainians in 1 year (1932-1933). How? He forced starvation upon them--men, women, toddlers and infants--by denying them food. And, in 1 year, Obama & Co has managed to both gut the USA of its wealth and begun its death spiral into oblivion and irrelevance. Obliteration doesn’t take long. If Obama and his fellow Marxists are allowed to continue along their current path, the last great bastion of freedom on this planet may soon be gone. Obama’s plan is well on its way and he has already begun the gutting of the US Military, national security, freedom of speech, economy etc. etc. etc. This is what Marxists do.

If, by some miraculous means, the USA survives until it can and does vote out the current Totalitarian ruling elite the reason will be known to all. Obama & Co (which includes all of the Marxist Dems and RINO-progressive Repubs) refused to listen to US citizens. And when asked why they lost, the reason will be clear and certain: It was We-the-People, stupid!

Josef Stalin forced starvation of 7 Millions;


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