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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  April 2, 2010

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Bruce Olsen: Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Arizona

I recently spoke with and interviewed Bruce Olsen--Libertarian Candidate for the Governor of Arizona. Bruce has an extensive background in a number of successful endeavors and has, recently, made the decision to run for the Arizona State Executive position.

The Interview

Sher: Thanks so much for the interview, Bruce. Would you give my readers a bit of your background, tell them why you have decided to run for Governor of Arizona and let us know what unique attributes you bring to the table?

Bruce: My business background started as a kid at a children’s home in north central Kansas,. You see I’ve been a capitalist and a entrepreneur since I was nine years old. My mother managed the home, did the cooking, oversaw the building , took care of 25-40 kids for thirty two dollars per month. So, if I wanted any money, I had to figure out a way to earn it.

At the age of nine I sold Farm Journal and Ladies Home Journal magazines and cleaned chicken houses for the local farmers. Then the Government in their incompetent wisdom decided to flood the valley where we were located . My mother married a local farmer and we moved to a near by livestock farm. My step father, gave me every opportunity to develop my capitalistic skills. I joined the Navy, after high school and later became a pilot. By the way that lake is now half the size it was due to silt. The federal government destroyed tens of thousands of prime river bottom land , not to mention the communities they destroyed so some buddies of Eisenhower could make money on steel . So you see my disgust for this federal government or governments in general goes way back. I later became a pilot, operated an aircraft sales and refurbishing business. Became involved in commercial real estate and operated an auto dealership. I retired at 56 two years later than I planned and in 2002 we moved to Arizona.

The reason I decided this year to run for Governor isn’t complicated. The country and the state are both headed for economic disaster. In fact we are there, but the politicians won’t admit it and Wall Street hasn’t finished fleecing the American people. As for the states we elect people that have no business experience, they see a dime and say lets spend a quarter. As for attributes, I have an uncanny ability to see a project and turn it into a profitable enterprise. I know how to save money, make money, spend money, (notice the order) hire people and fire people. Finally, I suggest that you listen to the full speech that Ronald Reagan gave for Barry Goldwater in 1964. Listen and what you will find is that every issue Ronnie talked about in 1964, we are still dealing with in 2010. The title is "A time for Choosing." Shouldn’t that tell us something; shouldn’t that suggest that there must be some reason that not one of these problems have been resolved, and if not why not. Well, it is obvious to me, the same two parties that existed then exist today. The Republicans and the Democrats or more commonly know as to day as the Republicrats. This is why I decided that I was a no longer a Republican. And after some study I discovered that I was a Conservative Libertarian. Ronald Reagan also said: “Libertarianism is at the heart and soul of Conservatism.”. The debate was over. More on that later.

Sher: How would you characterize your ideologies and you philosophy of leadership?

Bruce: Well, depending on the project, some require coalitions, or teamwork, bringing ideas to the table, bouncing them off the folks in the room or the people that would be affected. Create a plan and either move forward or round file it. I like to be out in front of an issue, have a plan, be creative, innovative, and never be afraid to step outside of the box. Attempting to do what others never thought of has always been intriguing to me. Friends of mine over time, have commented how do you keep all these projects going at one time. The secret is simple, I grew up on a farm.

Sher: With respect to what is happening in Washington D.C., what are your plans for Arizona to either minimize the damage soon to be done by ObamaCare and the other draconian policies being implemented and planned by the Democrats and their leader or eliminate it altogether?

Bruce: Well I recently wrote a letter to the Governor of Arizona demanding that she challenge the eligibility of the current occupant of the White House, and through color of law, demanded that she stand down any acceptance of the recent health care bill. But let us be clear. The insurance industry for decades has needed reform and not just in health care. Had state insurance commissioners and governors done their job, the federal government would have no need to intervene. But let us not place all the blame on the insurance companies. Our court system and jury awards are insane. The industry known as General Aviation was severely wounded by a jury that saw deep pockets and said lets go get ‘em. They did and that industry never recovered. Tens of thousands of jobs were lost due to a run amuck jury. Now having said that , I do believe that this administration is and will use such issues to forward the Socialism ideals that have been working their way into our culture since the beginnings of our country; some 200 plus years ago. Only by constant vigilance will this country survive the never ending threats to our Republic. You see, I see a opportunity for freedom here in our country. This federal government is corrupt to the core and due to the debts that the Beltway has placed upon itself, in my view, opens new doors and we must be prepared to go through them. I have a plan , and if elected I will, with the cooperation of like minded governors around the country, implement our countries plan for survival

Sher: I just learned, today, that ObamaCare contains even more Orwellian statutes that we initially thought. One of the funded items is included on page 1312 of the Senate bill established Obama’s own private army--in SEC. 5210. “ESTABLISHING A READY RESERVE CORPS.” This appears to be, amongst other Obama enforcement programs, one of the new “civilian military” arms of the Obama Administration that will, apparently, force the implementation of his programs on the American people. How would you respond to the imposition of Obama’s private militia? And how will you as the Governor of Arizona, respond?

Bruce: Well lets back up a minute. Ronald Reagan gave a speech in 1964 while campaigning for Barry Goldwater, in which he talked about LBJ’s plans to create a youth army, it was Johnsons answer to the dropout problem of the sixties. By reinstitution something like the old CCC camps (Civilian Conservation Corps) and we are going to put our young people in these camps. Does any of this sound familiar today? This is not a new program the only difference is Johnson was a Texan and Obama is from Kenya. Now, you may or may not be aware, however we have just posted a demand on our blog site. And have sent by email and certified mail, demanding certain actions by the Governor of Arizona related to the health care bill as it relates to the relationship between the states and the federal government. That same document has also be sent to the Governors of Massachusetts, Nevada, Florida, Virginia and Texas, as of this writing. The hope is that that letter will be submitted to every state in the union within the next week or so. The letter goes not only to health care but clarifies, states relationship with the federal government. In short we do not have a KING. To be specific, if I’m elected I am planning on the reinstitution of the Arizona Rangers as a Law enforcement body. I am in contact with the party (individual) that is in the process of developing the paperwork. We will also stand firm against any uniformed body, outside of the Department of Defense. In short, they will not occupy any space in Arizona.

Sher: What is your plan to make Arizona solvent again? And how will you work with the states in order to band together to fight against Obama’s increasingly totalitarian Marxist government?

Bruce: That’s a great question. First we must understand the definition of sovereignty. Sovereignty means, “You are beholden to no one, person, agency, government,” which means you cannot be in debt, or be on the hook for mandates or grants. So, the first order of business is to clear the state debt. I have a plan but am unwilling to disclose [it] at this time. In short we must be debt free. We must shed ourselves of all federal mandates and grants. Our debt is one of the reasons the federal government , pays little attention to all these politicians running around declaring 10th Amendment States rights. I’m not saying we should not do that. I’m just saying the feds, consider it little more than lip service.. One reason is that if they offered this state or any state a bribe such as a grant, we or they have just given up their state sovereignty. Its elementary. Its all about the money. Having said that, the document I referred to above is a great start. In addition I see no reason to have any federal agency with the possible exception of the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the U.S. Marshall having any presence inside the borders of a state.

If we are to save our country and our Republic it will be the states that do so. The federal government has a debt that can never be repaid. It will collapse under its own weight. In the mean time, Governors and the states must prepare their states for survival,. By that I mean policies that promote rural agriculture; grown here, packaged here, distributed here and consumed here. This policy flies in the face of NAFTA and CAFTA. Therefore we will just work around the federal policy, set it aside as if it does not exist. This will take coordination with other states and public policies measures.

Sher: This week, Obama announced that he will be making a deal with Russia as his first step toward ultimately disarming the USA of its nuclear arsenal. Other than the obvious dangers into which Obama continues to place the USA and its people, how can and will the states shore themselves up in order to provide citizens protection that the federal government seems no longer interested in providing?

Bruce: I have not read the treaty with Russia. Having said that I favor verifiable mutual nuclear disarmament. America and I’m certain China either has or will have weapons’ systems that would render any enemy powerless should a threat be imminent. Such weapons are currently classified. I do believe that states should act on their own to secure certain weapon systems and certain detections systems. However I still have faith in the leadership of the Pentagon. Therefore I believe that any subversive action by any individual in the White House would be removed for cause. If push came to shove, the White House would lose.

Sher: In my opinion, our country has entered the most dangerous time of its existence--since our beginnings--with our announced enemies from within now destroying every aspect of the USA. All of us who still believe the United States of America must survive as a Republic are looking for any and all peaceful means as to how we can stop the Marxist thugs who, if left unchecked, will soon to be banging down our doors. We must all look to God and pray for His help. But, what viable actions can we take, besides engaging in a bloody new American Revolution?

Bruce: Remember , we are a Christian Nation. We have rock solid documents that guide us. Our enemies today are not only members of the current administration but, our education system. And people that we have allowed to enter the country, and infiltrate our local, county and state governments. My plan to fix that is to take money away from the state education system and governmental agencies within the state. Starve out the unions. support vouchers and home schooling, by reducing the cost of living for all families and especially those with children. I have a plan. Stop supporting secondary education with taxpayer dollars. Our children are being brainwashed in public education. For our children to be able to plan for their future they must understand our nation’s history. Many teachers I have met tell me that we will never fix education until we privatize education. I’m on board. I would never allow any child of mine today to attend public education.

Sher: Thanks so much for your time, Bruce. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Bruce: Well, I do tend to go on but, these issues we face are serious and require immediate attention. I’ve never held elected office. But, I have to get involved now. We are running out of time. I’m convinced I can work with other governors to save our Republic. I have a plan, should our country fall apart. We must be prepared. It’s important that our people become debt free. I am also hoping to change the way we title property. We must see to it that Americans actually own what they pay for. One more thing. We must learn that the individuals that our media promotes for elected office, are the ones we must run from. And the ones that they bad-mouth should receive extra consideration. And that goes for Hannity and Beck also. Fox news is afraid of the fairness doctrine, remember that as the election becomes closer.

Senate ObamaCare Bill:


Bruce Olsen for Governor: http://www.bruceolsen4gov.com/

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