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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  April 21, 2010

Topic category:  Other/General

Chelene Nightingale--the Conservative CA Gubernatorial Candidate pick

Last week, I had the marked pleasure of talking with one of the most interesting and dedicated gubernatorial candidates I have yet interviewed. Running on the Constitutional Party platform, Chelene is open and honest in her assessments and with her comments.

  The Interview

  Sher: Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my questions, Chelene. I’d like to start by asking why you decided to enter the field of politics and what are your primary concerns for the State of California and the USA?

  Chelene:  Honestly politics was never a field I desired, but after becoming a mother and watching the rapid destruction of our beloved country, I decided I needed to take action.  Thus 6 years ago I joined a political organization to help combat open borders and amnesty.  Since 2004 I have received quite the political education and my journey has been quite dramatic.  In the past 6 years, I have been a political organizer, a gubernatorial campaign manager, a private citizen lobbyist, and now a candidate myself.  Leaders of the Constitution Party invited me to run for governor in California.  At first I declined, but my mother before she passed away from cancer encouraged me to run.  After some private reflection, prayer, and family discussions, I finally accepted the invitation. The decision was definitely not made lightly.  But I did not want to just sit back and remain a frustrated voter.  If we the people want to restore our Constitutional Republic, we cannot rely on the typical career politicians.  We must take the plunge and run for political offices ourselves.

In regards for my primary concerns, losing our liberty, sovereignty, and national security are at the top.  These mid-term elections are crucial for our nation.  If voters continue to play party politics or vote the “lesser of two evils” instead of the best candidates, we will continue onto the path of destruction.  Our Constitution has been nearly completely dismantled, our individual rights are rapidly being stripped from us, and our nation continues to further financially decline.  The only way to prevent the complete collapse of the United States will be at the polls.  Voters should pay particular attention to California.  California is the 8th largest economy in the world, so if this state collapses, so goes the rest of the nation.

  Sher: A number of other candidates are now running for Governor of California. Who do you consider to be your biggest competitor? And, by the way, I noticed that former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is also running and as a Republican. I have to say that I thought Ms. Whitman was a staunch Progressive. Didn’t she say that she greatly admired self-avowed Communist and former ObamaCzar Van Jones and that she and he were on the same “climate change” cruise? And doesn’t she still support the now strongly discredited Global Warming theory? I have to say that, to me, she really sounds like Marxist-Lite.

  Chelene: Unfortunately the Van Jones fan, Meg Whitman, is the biggest competitor.  Thus far she has spent $60 million on her campaign in addition to manipulating the media (source: http://www.ibabuzz.com/politics/2010/04/14/whitman-accused-of-manipulating-media/). One must wonder why she is spending millions on an office that only pays $175,000 per year?  She has made very few public campaign appearances, but our airwaves are flooded with her attack ads against her main GOP opponent.  Per polls, she is leading all the gubernatorial candidates. 

Yes, she appears to be a progressive and has a recorded history of donating to other like-minded progressives like Barbara Boxer and John Kerry.  (Note – see info below questions.)  Furthermore she did give a generous donation to the Environmental Defense Fund to save the smelt: (http://www.kcbs.com/pages/5706219.php?). The smelt is quite the controversy here in California since saving the fish has caused the Delta water pumps to be shut off in our Central Valley.  The Central Valley is our state’s agriculture land and without the flow of water, we are losing over $2 billion in agriculture annually.

From my Whitman research, her support for the delta smelt is aligned with her support of global warming as well.  Back in 2008, the former EBay CEO, did join Jimmy Carter, Tom Daschle, Ted Turner and others on a Global Climate Cruise.  (http://www.cartercenter.org/news/trip_reports/arctic_July2008.html).  Personally I am also troubled by her CFR connections and Goldman Sachs involvement.  She resigned from Goldman Sachs after questions regarding the board’s financial records: (http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2010/0419/Goldman-Sachs-could-roil-California-governor-race). 

"Barbara Boxer is a courageous leader and friend of California's technology industry," extolled the former eBay executive in a Friends of Boxer release issued in April 30, 2003. Her name was part of an open letter signed by various technology leaders. The latest revelation came just days after the 53-year-old Whitman was forced to acknowledge that she hadn't registered to vote until she was 46.”

  In addition Whitman donated to the following campaigns: Whitman donated $1,000 to John Kerry in 1999,  $1,000 to Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-NY, in 2006; $1,000 to Sen. Ben Nelson, D-NE, in 2006; $1,000 to Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-WA, in 2002; $2,000 to Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose, in 2002.

Currently, former California Governor Jerry Brown’s, sister is on the Goldman Sachs board.  Jerry Brown is the democrat challenger for governor.  If elected, this would be his third term which as a frustrated voter, I find troubling.  I strongly support term limits in order to prevent political corruption.  Jerry Brown certainly has his share of controversy with ACORN and his inactive law license: (http://biggovernment.com/tdelbeccaro/2009/11/11/jerry-brown-acorn-suspicion-and-the-rule-of-law/).  Basically both leading candidates are more of the same big government types we the people are protesting against nationwide.   

  Sher: As Governor of California, tell us what you would do to affect, protect and reassert State’s rights against the now steamrolling Obama federal government.

  Chelene:  Our campaign launched with a state rights page on our site.  Back in December, I signed the 10th Amendment Center’s pledge: http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/pledges/CheleneNightingale.pdf. 

I belong to the Constitution Party due to the fact I strongly believe we need to go back to the limited government foundation our Founding Fathers’ created.  Unfortunately we are under a collectivist rule with a sitting president that I do not believe was constitutionally vetted. Each of the last few presidents starting with George Bush, Sr. has continued to take us down a “new world order” path further and further away from being a Free Republic.  The only peaceful means to bringing back our sovereignty is via state rights.  Each governor must declare independence apart from the empowering federal government and their criminal banking cartel, the Federal Reserve.  For this reason, I would establish a sound money state bank before the eventual Federal Note financial crash. Separating financially is one step towards freedom.  California is the 8th largest economy in the world with natural resources and industries, yet our state makes deals with the federal government which has only lead us to more debt and less freedom.  Financial freedom would prevent the bullying tactics of the feds.  Furthermore, I would personally introduce legislation preventing our state from accepting unconstitutional funds from the federal government.

  But, here in California, the federal government is not our only problem, we have a too-controlling legislature as well.  As governor, I would enforce a part-time legislature and abolish any unconstitutional regulations and taxes. 

  Sher: You are involved with working to stop Agenda 21--a United Nations program ostensibly based upon depopulating great portions of the planet of human beings. This is beyond Orwellian and goes to the very fabric of our existence. California has had its water in the once rich farming area of the Central Valley turned off and Mr. Obama recently used it politically in order to get 2 California Democrats’ votes for his ObamaCare. Would you tell my readers about this, the problems surrounding Agenda 21 with respect to California and how you, as Governor, would stop it?

  Chelene: Michael Shaw, an attorney and owner of The Liberty Garden, a nature retreat specializing in native California plants exposed the “Global Biodiversity Assessment Report” which states -“Population growth has exceeded the capacity of the biosphere.”  Shaw was formerly active with the Santa Cruz County Planning Board which was one of the first counties to be approached to implement Agenda 21.  California is without a doubt the targeted stated for sustainable development with the passing of AB 32 and our state’s man-made drought due to the UN modeled “Endangered Species Act.”

To combat the global agenda, I would turn the water on!  Our current governor has not been telling us the truth.  The governor has the power to go turn the water on without federal permission.  And the county sheriff has the authority to arrest any federal agent that enters the property to turn the water off.  Furthermore I would abolish AB 32 which is decimating state business.  (AB 32 is the “Global Warming Solutions Act” based on UN science.)  Following the Native American Indian model, I would create fish hatcheries in order to increase the salmon and smelt population while allowing the free flow of water throughout our state.

  Agenda 21 is also another example on why strengthening state independence is vital for the longevity and livelihood of our communities. The Federal government is increasingly beholden to the UN then forcing states to follow suit.  Not only is this not Constitutional, it is also detrimental to the prosperity of our nation.

  Since California is a border state, it will be essential to secure our borders by bringing back home our National Guard that does not belong to the federal administration.  The non-securing of our borders is simply the new world agenda.  Back in the spring of 2005 then sitting President George Bush, Jr., Presidente Fox, and Prime Minister Harper signed the North American Union agreement allowing the US, Mexico, and Canada to basically merge as one to create economic and security policies jointly.  Not only is this unconstitutional, but the meetings were all held privately without the public’s knowledge.

    Sher: When we talked, you mentioned that you are a Jeffersonian when it comes to party politics. Would you elaborate?  

  Chelene: Hamilton’s Federalists were the antithesis of the original freedom foundation created by the framers.  While Hamilton basically argued for another monarchy type central government, Jefferson protected individual and state rights believing they were "the most competent administrations for our domestic concerns.”  Regarding party politics, Jefferson noted that it would divide friendships and liberty.  He only created a political party to protect the Constitution from the Federalists who wanted to create a national bank and expand foreign interests.  Jefferson was defending freedom while Hamilton basically was introducing a collectivist system.  If Jefferson were alive today, I believe he would be appalled at our socialist government and two party political system.  The two party system has created a nation of “lesser of two evils” voters versus voters of liberty.  Jefferson would advocate free elections and anti-federalist candidates.  Here is one of my absolute favorite Jefferson quotes:

  "To constrain the brute force of the people, the European governments deem it necessary to keep them down by hard labor, poverty and ignorance, and to take from them, as from bees, so much of their earnings, as that unremitting labor shall be necessary to obtain a sufficient surplus to sustain a scanty and miserable life." --Thomas Jefferson to William Johnson, 1823.

  Jefferson was a brilliant man, unfortunately most Americans know little about him today since our public indoctrination system neither teaches nor supports this man’s history today.  We are a far cry for the days of Jefferson, but Mao would be pleased.

  Sher: Please tell us anything else that you believe is essential to the restoration of the United States to their original place of power and how you will bring it about for California.

  Chelene:  The other day I was watching some panel on MSNBC…yes I watch the progressive channel to hear their latest propaganda.  The panel was declaring that tea partiers were all racists because they wanted to restore constitutional government.  Per their delusional thinking it was due to slavery since slavery existed when the Constitution was signed.  First of all, we are all enslaved by our government and the Federal Reserve today.  They expect us to be subservient to their demands like their healthcare, cap & trade, and ever increasing regulations and taxes.  Americans are enslaved by a credit-debt system.  More and more Americans are working multiple jobs just to pay the mortgage.  And instead of government handed welfare being a temporary help, it has kept most in a permanent bondage. 

The freest form of government was the experiment called a Constitutional Republic.  Today we are fighting a collectivist new world order regime!  No tea party attendee is thinking of the culture of the 1700’s when wanting to revert back to a constitutional republic, instead the majority of Americans are thinking of the words in the Bill of Rights!  Americans want limited government!!  The progressives who advocate collectivism simply see our numbers growing and our unity strengthening, so they panic with false propaganda and defamation.  We the people can restore the United States but only by exposing the Bilderberg, George Soros, Rockefeller agendas. We need to educate others who have been indoctrinated to hate America but love the global borderless unions instead.  And it is up to the will of the voters to stop this current Marxist course.  If voters try to save a political party instead of our beloved country, then we will not be able to stop the progressivism away from the original founding documents.  Our Declaration of Independence will be null and void and like George Bush, Jr. once declared the Constitution will just be a ‘piece of paper’. If and only if voters remember the 25,000 soldiers who lost their lives in the original American Revolution, all the military veterans and current active soldiers, and the children of today and future generations, perhaps they will be courageous at the polls and place their vote for the liberty candidates regardless of the party affiliation. But it may be too late.  Here in California, the big government advocates have created Prop 14 under the guise of “freedom”.  What Prop 14 will really do is eliminate all third parties and strengthen the CFR controlled two-party system by ensuring only the top two candidates are on the general election ballots vs. the current choices of all candidates who won their respective party primaries. The new world order crowd is quite clever with abusing the term freedom to continue to advance their agendas.

State governors are the presidents of their states.  Voters must realize that their gubernatorial elections are the most crucial votes these mid-term elections.  Most are mainly interested in the federal elections, but fail to realize that the real change back to restoration will only happen at the state level.  States need to take back their power from the federal government.  Obama clearly understands this concept which is why he established his Council of Governors.  Gubernatorial candidates must clearly understand both the United States Constitution and their State Constitutions.  Not only did I sign the 10th Amendment Center pledge, but I also took my Constitutional Oath with Dave Freeman of the Oathkeepers and I signed the Articles of Freedom pledge.  Now more than ever our governors will play the key role in the restoration of the United States.  The candidates must be willing to stand up strong to the political bullies and globalist ‘banksters’.  They will need to surround themselves with an equally strong liberty-minded staff and showing the state legislatures who is the real boss…the people!

  Sher: Thanks, again, Chelene and where can the readers learn more about you and send donations to your campaign?

  Chelene:  Well thank you Sher for granting me this opportunity.  There is almost a complete media blackout of third party campaigns, so this interview is very appreciated.  I really enjoyed speaking with you!  If people want to learn more about our campaign, they can visit www.nightingaleforgovernor.com. And although we hate asking hard working Americans for money, we cannot win this election without financial support.  The elitist candidates are spending millions of dollars, however we still believe we can win with grassroots support and funding.  We do not need millions, because we feel our liberty message is honest and strong.  But we do have campaign needs like phone banking, printed materials, event travel expenses, yard signs, bumper stickers, radio and television ads which all add up.  Our staff is all unpaid volunteers and both my campaign manager and I have used some of our own funds for this campaign because we are really passionate about fighting for our individual rights.  If people would like to donate, they can either visit our site and utilize our paypal/credit card option or they can send checks/money orders to Nightingale For Governor, P.O. Box 901115, Palmdale, CA 93590.  This is an united effort…I am allowing my name to be used, but it is the support of the people that really make this campaign succeed.  Thank you!  

  Nightingale for Governor 2010: http://www.nightingaleforgovernor.com/

  Meg Whitman Loves Van Jones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSn37TMXZO8  

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