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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  May 29, 2010

Topic category:  Other/General

Obama’s Pretense of Leadership When and Where there is none

There are a number of dictionary definitions for “lead.” But, the primary ones are “to go before or with to show the way; conduct or escort: to lead a group” and “to act as a guide; show the way.” Therefore, a leader--by logical and implicit understanding--must have followers.

During Obama’s campaign for POTUS, his strong dictator-like shouts were followed by broad smiles and an almost imperceptible soothing hiss as he told Americans that he would redistribute (aka steal and give to himself and his minions) our possessions to others. He said it was “only fair” and that we should learn to deal with less and that it was good for us. Note: But, Obama & Co will now be learning to deal with more…and more.

Obama and this rather doltish running mate Biden even said that it was even “patriotic” to deal with less and less (more taxation) and give what little we had remaining to Obama’s government. Insanely, the equally psychotic thought this was good. They blindly and hypnotically followed The Obama over whatever cliff he desired.

But, even the comatose sometimes wake up. And in the case of hundreds of thousands of US citizens, this apparent awakening has been nothing short of phenomenal--if not miraculous.

Obama is now ‘leading’ only the Marxists and the intellectually challenged. But, the Marxists want their own individual power base, so they sit back and watch until the time is right to strike and seize what they can in an upcoming internal coup. The intellectually challenged? They seem to be waiting solely for the next handout from “Obama’s Stash.” Today and for the past 4-6 months or longer, Obama seems to be truly leading no one except himself.

Obama’s recent catastrophe is an almost unprecedented--at least in the USA--one. The BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico and subsequent pumping of thousands of gallons of oil daily into Gulf waters for over a month, hardly elicited--until recently--a response from the shallow and uncaring Obama. Of interest is the fact that BP contributed more money to Obama’s POTUS campaign than to any other US candidate.

Note: In actuality, The Obama and his regime were too busy trying to crush AZ Republican Governor Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona for daring to attempt to stop the rape and pillage of their lands and citizens by invading hordes from across our Southern border. Obama refuses to stop the illegals, terrorists and drug cartels from entering our country and now, also, refuses to allow any US State to stop them. This is the highest form of treason. But, lest we forget, treason is no longer applicable to anyone from and on the far…far Left.

Therefore, instead of making any attempt to help Louisiana and the other Gulf Coast US states--The Obama even refused to get back with Republican Governor Bobby Jindal after he had made multiple desperate attempts to gain approval for Louisiana to enact their own sand bagging program--he virtually yawned and ignored the entire situation saying it was “BP’s problem” and not his. Obama simply didn’t (and doesn’t) care. He has only recently (within the past few days) begun to feign any sympathy for those whose lives are being destroyed--largely by his disregarding the human and ecological disaster. And then, reluctantly and only after continued prodding and begging from members of his own Democrat Party. The Obama even fired back at his Marxist-Democrat critics! No one dare criticize anything he does or doesn’t do!

This is how dictators--who are growing ever larger and more powerful in their own minds--react to condemnation about anything.

It also appears that the Gulf disaster took second place to the DC Police who may have even escorted 400-500 (14 school busloads) Obama’s SEIU thugs to the home of a Bank of America lawyer. SEIU members then proceeded to trample his lawn, terrify his young son and even set up their shouting from his front porch. It is against the law--trespassing and disturbing the peace--for anyone to affect this sort of behavior, let alone a 500 member mob! Nothing has been done about the SEIU members illegal behaviors. But, these are Obama’s people and the police will not dare go against the tyrant. The police appear to have purposefully stayed away from the scene until SEIU was ready to leave. It sounds to me as if they were being intentionally instructed to do so. At some point, we surmise that--if the Obama Regime is allowed to continue in its criminal and totalitarian ways--his thugs will be allowed to break into private homes and the police will do nothing to stop it! In fact, they may even encourage and participate in it. Thuggery and intimidation of We-the-People is more important to the Obama than is possibly the greatest environmental disaster in our country’s history; a disaster made much worse by his practiced inattention to it This is a patent lack of any leadership, whatsoever. It is, instead, a preview of what is to come as Obama & Co continue to mobilize its American Gestapo.

However, to give him some credit, Obama has been accomplishing his mission--that of destroying OUR country and our way of life. And he’s STILL being allowed to get away with it by our elected officials. Anathema!

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