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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 14, 2010

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Obama to demand Americans allow him even more theft of their earnings?

After almost two months of doing little-to-nothing to take charge of the BP oil rig explosion and continuing leakage of millions of gallons of oil, Obama has been to the disaster area several times in the past 2 weeks. Note: Under both the US Clean Water Act and the Oil Pollution Act the POTUS is responsible for taking charge of the catastrophe.

Since grabbing the office of the President of the United States, Obama and the Democrat-run Congress have passed one bill after another that had the real--if not truthfully expressed--purpose of stealing from the American people. The “stimulus” bills have done nothing to stimulate jobs but, have done a great deal to place monies in Democrat leaders pockets, war chests and have enriched the coffers of other countries; China comes readily to mind. The Obama has seemingly paid off and continues to pay off his Chicago cronies, his labor union thugs (most notably SEIU) to intimidate a number of “ObamaEnemies” and much of the leftist judicial system to continue to ‘illegally’ block anything he does not want to have made public. Congressional Democrats are STILL passing one bill after another (marked as “stimulus” or “emergency spending” bills) that amount to abject theft from the American taxpayers; that’s We-the-People.

But, most egregious and wicked of all is the way in which The Obama has used, and continues to use, the Gulf of Mexico Oil catastrophe for what inescapably appears to be his own crooked and depraved purposes. Wildlife are now said to be dying in the hundreds, perhaps thousands. However, We-the-People may never know the real magnitude of this latest horror as the Obama regime is now regulating ALL news from the area and is allowing NO photographs to be made by the media and beaches have been largely scrubbed clean by crews before The Obama has affected his Louisiana photo-ops.

Utah’s Spectrum reports “The Coast Guard and FAA have denied flights booked by news photographers looking to shoot aerial pictures of the spill. The Department of Homeland Security nixed a visit by a group of reporters who were to be escorted into the waters by Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla. A reporter and photographer from the Daily News of New York were denied access to a public beach on Grand Isle, La. - one of the most heavily affected areas, or so we are told - by a BP Oil contractor, who then called the local sheriff, who escorted them from the area. And, last month, a CBS News crew was threatened with arrest for trying to shoot video of a soiled beach.”

Note: Although couching it as BP’s ‘controlling the area‘, BP has no power or authority to dictate anything, whatsoever, to either the US Coast Guard or the US FAA. But, of course, the US dictator-in-chief does; and only he does.

As we know, one of the Obama regime’s mottoes is “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Therefore, during TV Prime Time Tuesday 15 June, The Obama is expected to tell the American people that they ‘must sacrifice even more‘, in order to keep another oil spill disaster from occurring. Obama is said to have planned a demand that Americans now allow him and the Obama-controlled Congress to push through the newly named “America's Power Act”--formerly known as “Cap & Trade.”

Note: Remember, this catastrophe would never have occurred if the Leftist Environmentalists hadn’t lobbied incessantly for ‘no shallow oil drilling, only deep…deep…sea drilling’ to be allowed. In that sense, as the Left is The Obama’s base, Obama is responsible. It’s his people that caused and forced the problem to occur, in the first place.

Secondly, the patent and disgusting arrogance of Obama and his Marxist Dems--both his Czars and his Congress--demanding of the American people that they allow ALL of these miscreants to dig deeper into their pockets and control them even more (Obama: “Energy rates will necessarily skyrocket”).

After the passage, over the unwilling minds and bodies of the American people, of ObamaCare--which controls who will be allowed to live and who MUST die--Cap & Trade (or “America’s Power Act”) will effectively and most likely irrevocably end our Republic and the USA as we have known it. No more liberty, no more freedom. No more money, decreased mobility. Obama Government control of our minds, bodies, travel and the ability to heat and cool our houses in our now-completely regulated homes. Did you know The Obama wants to shove through the licensing (H.R. 2454) of homes, so the ObamaGov will determine how And if you can sell your own property. OOPS! Make that “Obama’s property.”

Have you had enough America? Can We-the-People even last until November? Or will The Obama and his Marxist Dems destroy us all before then? Isn’t it time to finally rise up against this increasingly violent tyranny? Isn’t it??? BP's [Obama’s] controlling of facts more dangerous than oil spill:



Media claim access to spill site has been limited:


Stimulus Money sent Overseas:



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