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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 17, 2010

Topic category:  Other/General

Obama: Continuing to Destroy Jobs, Destroy Lives, Ends Constitution

In his ongoing mission to obliterate the USA and any subsequent real hope for America, Obama is using the BP oil catastrophe to stop and end all US jobs--both direct and indirect--in the Gulf of Mexico. To Obama & Co the BP disaster was music to their ears and it is rumored that Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is searching for a songwriter to put music to the title “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Obama refuses to stop the damage being done to humans, animal wildlife and the entire environment. He has refused and continues to refuse all offers of help from both American companies and the world to assist in minimizing the oil’s damage, preferring, instead, to perversely allow the complete destruction to continue and stop all drilling for oil in the USA! And what about the shakedown monies ($20B to start as it rises to over $100B) the Obama Marxist-thug regime affected against the CEO of BP for “clean-up“ of the Gulf? I predict that 98.999% of that money--like all of the other “stimulus” monies--will end up in the pockets of the Obama favored; just as it has in the past.

As long as the destruction of lives (human and other), business (small-to-medium businesses only) and the environment continue, The Obama will blame BP. He believes that We-the-People will be so outraged at BP that we will disengage our brains and not see what he is really doing. He has destroyed and continues to destroy jobs while he relishes in the destruction of OUR country. Under The Obama, jobs in the Gulf will NOT be coming back. Allowing anything other than ObamaGov jobs is NOT the intention of the tyrant. His intent--as those who have functional minds can see and hear--is purely to destroy. Stalin #2 has taken over OUR White House and the US government.

The Executive branch of the US government is now daily making law by ObamaFiat. Real law no longer matters and are being ignored. The US government is now operating in fully illegal mode.

Note: Whether you still like Dictator-in-Chief Obama or not, what his regime is now effecting is illegal under the US Constitution and all existing US law.

Folks, we cannot last until November, as The Obama has now thrown down his gauntlet to let us know he has no intention of allowing the American electorate to vote either his Marxist cronies or him out of office. In order to ensure this, he will simply dictate it and make up a law--as he has been doing. This is full-out TYRANNY, people! The usurper and his cronies are operating in full and lawless modality. Obama is now making and enforcing laws. Is there no one who will stop this? If I had the ability, I would already have moved to Australia. For the first time in my history on the planet, I am voicing “Obama should be arrested for High Crimes and Misdemeanors--including treason against the USA and the American people.” Are there any ethical and courageous Congress people still out there who can and will stop this? Anyone?

BP Slush Fund a Shakedown:


Sher Zieve

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