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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  April 27, 2011

Topic category:  Other/General

Hawaii Changes Rules on Birth Certificates to Accommodate Dictator Obama?

In order to accommodate Dictator-in-Chief Obama’s inability or refusal to provide his long form (NOT the COLB that is provided for even foreign-born residents of Hawaii) birth certificate, in April the State of Hawaii changed it policy on ALL long form birth certificates. Former director of the Hawaii Health Department Chiyome Fukino--who had been under fire for apparently acting as Obama’s agent in refusing to release his long form birth certificate to anyone--announced on 10 April that Hawaii will no longer provide legitimate long form birth certificates to anyone who was actually born in Hawaii.

Obama & Co (aka the Obama Syndicate) strongly appear to have manipulated, planned and implemented this new ruse. We do not know whether or not Obama friend and Democrat Governor Neil Abercrombie was or is involved in this latest attempt to, yet again, push the some new COLB down the throats of the American people. What we do now know, however, is that the attempts of the Left to protect their false messiah Obama seems to have no depths to which it will not sink. Therefore, the sudden release of a long-form birth certificate must be met with at least some skepticism.

The ostensible long-form birth certificate released today may or may not be a forgery. That will be for experts to examine and there already seems to be an issue with the attending MD shown. But, as I and others have held for a very long time Obama’s father was not a US citizen and, therefore, would leave Barack Hussein Obama without ‘natural-born’ citizenship status.

As an end note to this very short article, during his "press conference" this morning, Obama offered little new about his Birth certificate. He simply explained that he was irritated by all of the attention devoted to it by the American people.

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