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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  May 29, 2011

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Obama Nullifies and Ends US Constitution

“Sometime in May 2011, the United States Constitution was rendered null and void by then “President” Barack Hussein Obama. Although it was later accepted that Mr. Obama was ineligible to be President of the United States, due to his not meeting the US Constitution’s requirement of “natural born citizen,” (and some speculated this was the primary reason he had to destroy the former USA’s original requisite legal document) he, nevertheless, threatened war against a sovereign US State. With the vernacular of the times, Mr. Obama illegally threatened the then-sovereign State of Texas with the US government’s establishment of a “No Fly Zone” (a term previously used by the US government to enact wars against enemy countries) over Texas if the State leaders and its population refused to go along with illegal sexual groping intimidation techniques delivered by a US government entity misnamed as the “Transportation Safety Agency.”

“As this illegal act by the Obama regime (also see “Obama Syndicate”) was never met by any real or lasting resistance from US Congressional leaders or the old Marxist-Leninist court system, the US Constitution was effectively rendered null and void and the United States of America--along with the world--entered into what has come to be known as the “Second Dark Age” of mankind. The legislators and bulk of the US population’s inattention to this criminal act and others regarding both the country’s dissolution of additional liberties and individual economic wealth are said to be the principal reasons the USA was topple--from within--as a world power. This is believed to have been the beginning of the rise of humanity’s forceful suppression and enslavement worldwide.”

With the current lack of any truthful reporting by the Obama-run media and lack of attention from a preponderance of US citizens, the above may very well be what is written at some point in the future. Obama has already eliminated many of the protections of the US Constitution via either executive fiat or policies. Although this is illegal, remember that as long as he’s allowed to get away with it, it’s as if the law dos not exist.

Test cases designed to lead towards and finally effect the end of the US Constitution--and the USA--by usurper and Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama have been prevalent. Now-former LTC Terence Lakin was court-martialed--after his kangaroo-court styled military “trial”--and placed in Leavenworth prison for questioning the tyrant’s authority to command. He was recently released. Note: Remember that this was before The Obama’s minions produced the now-exposed-as-fraud “long-form birth certificate.”

Obama’s DOJ has ruled that voter suppression by the New Black Panthers and others against white people and non-Obama supporters will be tolerated and accepted. Criminal convictions against perpetrators of electorate suppression will be overturned. Senior Obama political appointee Julie Fernandes instructed DOJ attorneys that "cases are not going to be brought against black defendants (for) the benefit of white victims" and that the "Civil Rights Division wasn't going to be bringing them." This is illegal and flies in the face of everything this country used to be…including the Fourteenth Amendment’s “equal protection under the law.” That Amendment has already been overturned by the Obama Syndicate’s lawless totalitarian indulgences. Obama’s unions (who heavily contributed to his 2008 campaign) are now filing court cases to effectively shut down businesses that open new divisions in right to work States. The latest is Boeing. Due to these thug tactics, those businesses that have not already done so may now be forced to relocate to other countries. Under the Obama totalitarian collective no one except his favorites have any rights or liberties. And, if he doesn’t like you or your questions--as was the case with LTC Lakin--he’ll make sure you go to prison for daring to question him.

The supplementary tragedy is that, along with the rest of us, even those who voted for Obama will eventually be enslaved. But, I suppose they are already embracing their own forced servitude under the tyrant and the other ruling elites.

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