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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  September 19, 2012

Topic category:  Other/General

Faux Conservatives and Marxist-Dems Assail Romney

As the 1995 video of Obama saying that he believed in redistributing American and US citizens’ wealth to others--aka “take from the producers and give to the non-producers”--the masks of those who have falsely claimed to be conservative for years are coming off. Obama essentially and irrevocably on video admits that he is a totalitarian who--when given the opportunity--would form a totalitarian (Marxist/Nazi/Socialist…whatever you wish to call it) empire. With regards to a couple of bogus conservatives, another video showing Romney saying that the 47% of those who are living on government entitlements (aka “welfare” but, NOT Social Security recipients) will likely not vote for him, commentator Bill Kristol (who has blasted Romney on a regular basis) offered his comments that Romney was “out of touch” and “arrogant”…for telling the truth. Note: Bill Kristol calling anyone arrogant? Seriously? Those on welfare--unless they have a strong desire to get off of it and contribute to their own “welfare” (which by the way Romney supports)--will likely vote for Obama…who wants to keep them there.

Then there is Ms. Peggy Noonan who chastised Romney on FNC for being too strong and not using “discretion” with his (truthful by the way) words against Obama’s ludicrous non-handling of the still-growing Islamist Middle East riots, while now commenting that he’s not being strong enough. In other words, per Peg, Romney will be castigated by the faux conservatives no matter what he does.

Hmmm. Wasn’t Noonan part of the original “conservatives invited to dinner with Obama” group held shortly after Obama was elected? Sad, folks.

So, not only do we have to contend with the actively campaigning for Obama media but, now we have to counter the bogus Republican cells that have finally come out into the open and are actively working for Obama and against Romney.

Again, initially I was not a Romney fan. But, more and more I’m liking what I hear from him…especially when he tells the truth and then stands by it. Would I like him to be more forceful…ala President Ronald Reagan? You bet. But, there will only be one President Reagan. I do, however, know that if Obama is reelected, the nation will be gone and anyone actually wanting to work and succeed will be stopped and “reeducated” by the Obama syndicate. The country has never been in the state we find it today. And this comment has never been more true than it is today: “Either we get rid of Obama or he will get rid of us.” Our course of action is still as clear as it can possible be. Either we choose a return to liberty or we embrace slavery.

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