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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  September 23, 2012

Topic category:  Other/General

Obama Incites Middle East toward Chaos and Murder

If you plan to vote for Obama in the 2012 elections, you have identified yourself as being in favor of ending the United States of America and of willingly accepting your position as one of Obama’s slaves.

Observation: I suppose you can aspire to being one of his House Slaves.

You will, also, be voting for the Obama syndicate’s dictatorship over you, your families and all of your yet-to-be-born (if you will even be allowed to procreate at all) progeny. For Seniors, your fate is already sealed if Obama retains the Office of the Presidency of the US. He has already stolen $716 Billions from Medicare in order to finance his ObamaCare…which is designed to build his empire out of his newly-formed population of financial and religious (soon-to-be Islam only) slaves.

You didn’t think Team Obama was really planning to provide you with healthcare…did you? Heck, he has a 15-member non-healthcare/non-financially savvy Death Panel which is now poised to say who may live and who must die. Not an exaggeration, folks. Have you actually read the passed-by-the-Democrat-Congress-against-our-will ObamaCare? By the way, for you liberals/leftists in the crowd--you don’t believe that you will be saved do you? If you do, welcome to the Obama Surprise Team. Maybe they will be compassionate and allow you to choose your manner of death.

Since Obama issued his Executive Order to install Amnesty for illegal aliens (the EO itself is illegal as he does not have the authority under the [now Obama-discarded] US Constitution) and now said illegals are affecting unprecedented break-ins into the homes of US citizens living close to the US-Mexico border. The rate of these break-ins (see URL for source graph below) has risen exponentially from the date that Dictator-in-Chief Obama issued his criminal Executive Order.

Recently, Osama’s foreign policy (specifically the Middle East) appears to have--by design--weakened the USA almost to its [our] breaking point. Obama hopes this will help him be re-hired, as he is counting on many to not want to switch horses in midstream if there is the chance of a war beginning. Don’t agree that he would do that? Really? Can any POTUS--let alone the Left’s “brilliant” messiah Obama--be that stupid? Well, let’s take a look!

The Obama syndicate came out immediately after the Benghazi, Libya US Embassy was attacked and 4 staff members were tortured. They and 2 Navy Seals were subsequently murdered. Obama and his syndicate members declared this atrocity--and the Egyptian uprising that occurred at virtually the same time--as having been caused by an anti-Muslim film trailer; a you tube trailer for a bizarre film that had been made over a year prior. Note: Sort of sounds as if this film trailer had been waiting in the wings for some time, doesn’t it?

Even after the Obama syndicate members realized they had been caught in their lie (the rioting Islamic hordes were heard and caught on video chanting “We’re all Osamas…Obama!”) they doubled down on the lie and continued to apologize to the murderous Islamists. Today, even though Manipulator and Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney (who had previously said over and over again that the problems in the Middle East had been caused by this film) now incredulously (and arrogantly I might add) says just the opposite with “It is, I think, self-evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.” Self-evident? The only ones to whom it was self-evident were We-the-People, Mr. Carney. You and your fellow liars wanted us to believe the latest Big Lie. Maybe we’ve become too familiar with the way in which Hitler used it in the 1930s. Note: Carney’s boss Obama still refuses to say the film was/is not the problem.

And, why was there no real security for anyone at the Benghazi Embassy--even though US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens had previously advised his superiors that he believed his name was on an Islamist “hit list?” Was this a manufactured “crisis that was just too good to waste?”

Note: Obama needed to change the subject from his destruction of the US economy…so an assault against the USA and the slaughter of American citizens became his latest redirection…“Look over here! It’s a new shiny object!”

Obama claims to be in the process of “saving the US Middle Class” but, he has damaged it more than any other president in history…including President Carter. Obama has no intention of fixing his damage as, this was his plan from the beginning: ‘Just give me 4 more years and I’ll complete it!’ It was predetermined and planned (which I fully believe) or he is one of the most dim-witted people ever to occupy our White House. So, Obama is a full-fledged Stalinesque Marxist or an incompetent and bumbling fool. Either way you want to slice it, if he remains in office we are a doomed people. And Yes--Romney would not only be better, he would be far superior to the current White House resident. Romney has a history of bringing companies--and a State--back from the brink of disaster and into success.

Obama has only the destruction of a country and abject disaster in his background. Although this is a resume’ enhancement to our enemies, it is definitely a failure to and for all of us.

So, before you vote for president of the United States please consider who and what you are voting for and what the success of your vote will bring to you and to us all. We will not survive as either a nation or a people under 4 more years of Obama. By his actions, he has already shown us that is a true statement. We need to ask the correct questions of ourselves before we vote.

"Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not enquire wisely concerning this"--Ecclesiastes 7:10

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